Wednesday 24th December 2014

Workout Soundtrack: –

5km 20:18 (Country to City, session 3)

I was up bright and early (in the winter darkness) for work this morning. I was really not happy about going in but by the time I arrived to my empty office, on the empty train after walking the empty streets of Londinium I soon got into the swing of things and had one of the most productive days since starting my new role back in November! To top it off I finished two hours early. Two hours prior to clocking  off I began to get a real urge to run so I ate my packed lunch of quinoa, cauliflower and poached egg and began to picture a route in my mind…

Well, I was pretty tired by this point so certainly not at my most imaginative! This is how it came to pass that I got home, changed into my running gear (that I’d left out before heading to work) and ended up running two loops of 2.2km on my doorstep – the other 600m being made up of the run up my street onto the loop on the way out and then back down my street on the way back! Although this is by no means my quickest 5km of the year, not even close in fact, I am very happy with the run in general. Of late I have been struggling with everything from mental wars with myself, random chafe, pain in my back and shoulders and a general malaise with regard to my running but today it was plain sailing – I felt happy for all of the route, I wasn’t pushing too hard at all to keep up a fairly decent pace and the mental challenge of running a road loop on my front doorstep did not bother me one iota – I think on the ‘morrow I will likely run the same route but aim for between 8 and 12 klicks depending on how my mental and physical game holds out.

On a festive note, as it’s that time of year, I decided to adorn my ankles with tinsel on this run which was a slight hindrance – it itched a bit at first but I forgot it was there after most of the first lap was done. I’ll be wearing it again on tomorrow’s run!

Peace Out x

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