Sunday 21st December 2014

Workout Soundtrack: – 

6.4km 29:12 (Country to Capital, session 2)

Two outdoor runs in two days and although both have proven to be quite an uncomfortable return to running I am pretty pleased. I woke up this morning feeling under the weather, it is taking quite some time for me to dislodge a cold that I’ve had for around two weeks now! Accordingly I really didn’t feel like running or doing much at all today and, come lunch time, I was feeling pretty low in mood.

I spoke to Gabrielle on the phone who is on the way back from visiting her sister in Devon and she told me to pull it together and get out for a run – in my own words: you only regret the workouts you don’t do! I’m sitting here feeling a lot more buoyant now so hats off to Gabrielle for giving me the verbal push/kick in the butt that I required this afternoon!

On to the run. Well, it was a very slow one for me. I averaged around 4:36 per klick which is 4 seconds faster than my average pace for my marathon PR. My shoulders sagged and ached from the get go and I was finding it difficult to breathe comfortably which effected my desire to run any faster than I could comfortably muster! But, with all of this in mind, I still pushed myself to take a varied route with a good few hills and a 1km gravel/dirt trail section thrown in for good measure too. Not only this but I had to pick my way past a road closure too – I spent a few seconds squeezing through a barrier and then running through what amounts to a building site for about 200 metres until picking my way through the barrier on the other side of the site. Not something I was expecting but I enjoyed the mental challenge nonetheless!

I was very glad to finish the run but at the same time, very pleased to have finally put together back to back runs. I doubt I’ll get one in tomorrow as I’m meeting Gabrielle for dinner after work and this evening I’m seeing my best friend who has just arrived from Australia for a Christmas/New Year visit!

Happy weekend y’all! Until the next time, au revoir 🙂

Peace & Blessings

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