Saturday 20th December 2014

Workout Soundtrack: –

8km 36:38 (Country to Capital, session 1a)

2 minute rest

3km 14:05 (Country to Capital, session 1b)

I haven’t been for any sort of run for 9 days and I haven’t ran outside for 13 days! I’ve had a cold and a huge lack of motivation to boot. It’s reached that point of the year during which my mind and body do not want to work together when it comes to training. As regular readers will know I like to be aiming towards races hence my runs are usually [Name of Race, session #] when I write them up or add them to Strava/Garmin Connect – it has proven great for motivation, drive and determination in the past but not really so much since the Frankfurt Marathon back in October.

Since then I turned my focus to running club cross country but it hasn’t gone so well thanks to an ankle injury that lingered for quite a while and then that being swiftly followed by a cold. So, today I’m changing my focus – all of my runs from this point onwards until January 17th will be focusing on getting ready for the Country to Capital Ultra.

I think I have learned a few things from attempting to run with a club during the cross country season this year:

  1. It’s not enough to motivate me
  2. I am not a club runner
  3. Cross Country serves to distract me and either gets me injured or keeps me injured
  4. I like racing cross country but not enough to commit to a season or a team/club
  5. I won’t be rejoining Harrow AC or any other club when dues are to paid in January

Anyway, on to today’s run! I can’t complain too much I suppose – as I said earlier I haven’t been for a run for quite some time and I’ve only just recovered from a cold and my ankle injury. I didn’t push it at all today and there were a few pretty steep hills in session 1a and I believe these are the reason I felt the need to stop and take a breather before setting out on session 1b; I got a very painful stitch in my right ribcage and literally slowed to a hobble/walk motion so I had to stretch it out before continuing! Other than that, in general, my upper body felt pretty uncomfortable throughout and I can safely say this is almost definitely down to the fact I’ve neglected my weights/upper body/core strength and conditioning workouts almost entirely since the end of October – add this to the fact I haven’t been swimming so much either and it’s clear that the muscles in my back and shoulders in particular are nowhere near the strength I’m going to need to race the Country to Capital ultra in a month! Thankfully I am having my full gym induction on Monday afternoon so I will be a bit more au fait with the weights and machinery at my disposal and I intend to put them to good use as much as possible before the race! I know I can run/power hike the distance but it’s down to me whether I merely feel the pain of the distance or whether I suffer for most of it, after all, my mantra when it comes to long distance running is:

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional!

Well, I must say, after writing this blog post I’m feeling far more motivated and focused than I have been for quite some time! Alas, the club journey is to come to an end but that really is no bad thing because now I can give my full attention back to marathon and ultramarathon training and running!!

I hope the weekend is treating you well my dear reader! Until the next post, adieu 🙂

Peace Out x

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