Thursday 11th December 2014

Workout Soundtrack: Adam Beyer’s Drumcode Radio Show – ‘DCR226 mixed by Luigi Madonna’

3km 12:23 (Country to Capital, Treadmill Session 2a – 14.5k/ph, avg HR 159bpm)

2 minute break

9km 36:00 (Country to Capital, Treadmill Session 2b – 14.5k/ph > 16k/ph > 17k/ph, avg HR 171bpm)

Treadmills are torture. But I’m kind of enjoying that aspect of it at the moment! I was going along nicely on my first 3km when I realised I was getting a little bit of discomfort around the leg seam of my shorts – if I wasn’t careful I would be getting myself a decent bit of chafing so I had to jump off just as I felt like I was entering a good rhythm and zone. I ran down to the changing room, applied some Vaseline and ran straight back up to the machine to get back to the task at hand. Namely, running a bit faster than I currently feel comfortable with!

So, I started up the treadmill with a definite plan in mind. I wanted to run the first 5km at 14.5k/ph before increasing the speed to 16k/ph and running at that speed until I felt like it was causing me some trouble…at this point it was my intention to increase the speed even more and run what would amount to a final kilometre at 17k/ph. So it was that I ran klicks 5 through 8 at the not terrible pace of 16k/ph – just above 4:00 minutes per klick. I was beginning to feel a bit of the burn in my legs at this point and my heart rate was beginning to climb into the high 170 range so I decided the time had come to run for home as it were which is another thing I find torturous on a treadmill as I find it a real mental challenge to think of running to a destination when I’m actually, to all intents and purposes, quite evidently travelling without moving!

I leaned forward, gritted my teeth and kept my finger on the speed button until 17k/ph flashed before my eyes. I must say that this was probably my most enjoyable part of the run tonight – sweat was dripping off my nose and gathering in my eyebrows, my legs felt pleasantly warm and a little numb and I was clearly in a zone for around 4 minutes when I thought of absolutely nothing at all – I was quite disappointed when the treadmill began to slow down and take me into ‘Cool Down’ mode which is 5 minutes 6k/ph! Once the machine began to slow me down it became apparent quite quickly that my legs were aching with lactic acid, my feet were quite sore from pounding on the same spot and I was definitely feeling lethargic, hungry and suddenly tired. The highs and lows of running indoors all there to feel and with 5 minutes to think deeply about it all – after 3 minutes of the cool down all I could think about was how far away home was! All I wanted was to sit down in comfort and eat some wonderful food!

Whilst in the shower at the gym I really noticed how much my feet hurt after running on the treadmill – they don’t hurt this much after a marathon or an ultra, or any race! I’m not sure what it is but I don’t think my shoe choice is quite right. I tried the Mizuno Wave Hitogami to no avail and now the Adidas Adios Boost have also failed to provide adequate protection – they do wonders on the road at the pace I’ve put them through but there’s something, obviously, quite different about the nature and form that treadmill running takes. I only really have one more pair of shoes to test on the ‘mill and they provide a lot more in the way of ‘cushion’/protection – my Mizuno Wave Rider 17. If they don’t do the trick then I’m going to have to turn to old Uncle Google and Cousin Blogosphere to find out some opinions from other runners (and some nuts probably) and, also, I’m not averse to gathering opinions from you my dear reader!

That’s all for today folks. I’m away to read and relax for the rest of the evening.

Peace Out x

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