Sunday 7th December 2014

Workout Soundtrack: Bane – ‘It All Comes Down to This’

6.2km 26:07 (Cross Country Season, session 8)

*This post was written on 8th December*

I went to visit my family in the West Midlands straight after work on Friday and I’ll admit I wasn’t feeling too great as I set off to travel – I could definitely feel a cold coming on. This was fully revealed to me when I woke up on Saturday morning! I had taken my running gear up with me but I felt so lethargic, tired and achy that I couldn’t bring myself to get it done – highly unusual as I love to run somewhere different once in a while. Alas, as Saturday progressed I just felt worse and worse so with a heavy heart I cut my trip short by 24 hours and headed home on Saturday evening so I could sleep in my own bed more than anything. To be truthful though, another big factor was the fact my ma and Nan, who I was primarily visiting both smoke indoors and the smell and heavy air was getting to me more than it ever has – I have really developed an aversion to it!

Anyway, I woke up on Sunday morning still feeling heady and achy but my running clothes were just sitting there asking to be taken out so I decided to take the advice of Ryan Hall:

“I can’t tell if it’s better to run through colds or take days off. I often feel better after I run and get junk out of my lungs.”

– Ryan Hall, US Olympic Marathon runner.

I’ve used this quote before on the blog when justifying an ill-advised (pun intended) run through a cold and, funnily enough, it was almost exactly a year ago on December 30th. That time worked out fine and I went through the 5km mark in 19:02 but this time I went through in 20:59 – I have no idea how it is I’ve lost 2 minutes in about 2 months because it wasn’t so long ago that I was running 18:xx or 19:xx 5 klick segments without too much trouble?! I don’t know, maybe it’s all of the racing mileage I’ve accumulated this year or maybe it’s because I haven’t been doing so much core work and swimming compared to this time last year.


Anyway, aside from the fact I’ve slowed down a lot I really actually enjoyed this run and it perked me up for a good few hours but as the day went on the lethargic, achy and heavy feeling of a cold presented itself once more and I went to bed with the knowledge I had a night of restless ‘sleep’ ahead of me. It was hard to get up and get to work this morning but I’m feeling quite a bit better now my day is drawing to a close!

With that dear reader I’m away to wrap some Christmas presents, drink some Lemsip and eat some dinner!

Peace & Blessings

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