Wednesday 3rd December 2014

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Metropolitan Police Service, Special Constabulary Bleep Test (5.4)

*This post was written on 4th December*

Just a very short post today! I’m glad to say that I passed my Day 1 and Day 2 (combined)Special Constable Assessment this afternoon. Well, I have passed on a preliminary basis as all of my paperwork is in check, I interviewed well and I passed the written and fitness tests. All I have to do now is wait to hear the results of my drug screening test (which will be clean, I’m certain of the fact)!

I have to say the fitness test was a bit of an underwhelming experience! It was the last section of the day and I’d been looking forward to it since arriving for assessment at 0830hrs. Unfortunately, the assessment consisted of a 2 minute bleep test warm-up, a 2 minute stretching session and then the bleep test itself which was only to level 5.4. This is basically a nice, sub-easy paced shuttle run. I wonder if maybe this could be reviewed at some point as apparently in previous years recruits/candidates had to go through far more rigourous phyiscal testing! We were told at the end, if we passed, that staying fit and healthy would be to our benefit when performing duties (lower heart rate post exertion = better evidence gathering and decision making capacity) but that the Service itself would take no responsibility for our physical fitness. I can only imagine this is due to budgetary constraints and so I’m glad that I am already fit, healthy and well involved in a training regime that works for me!

With that, dear reader, I will sign off for the day. I should start training early next year and be on the beat by this time next year!

Peace Out x

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