Tuesday 2nd December 2014

Workout Soundtrack: Umek’s 1605 Podcast – ‘#191 mixed by Ernesto Mendoza

7.7km 35:30 (Country to Capital, Treadmill Session 1a – 12k/ph – 14k/ph – 16k/ph, no incline)

2 minute break

1.6km 5:54 (Country to Capital, Treadmill Session 1b – 16.5k/ph, no incline)

 500m 11:31 (Pool Session, 25m, avg. 2:18/100m)

*This post was written on 4th December*

My first gym session is in the bag! It turns out that I enjoy treadmill running, well, at least I do at the moment. It seems that they are going to be useful tools for pushing the speed as you literally have no choice but to keep on keeping on for the time or distance you specify and at the speed you specify – granted, you can push ‘Stop’ or ‘Cool Down’ if it becomes too difficult but I don’t think you’ll find me doing that anytime soon!

I found the gym to be very quiet when I arrived at 1640hrs and as that’s the time I will likely be arriving for the foreseeable future I can have no complaints. After running on the treadmill for a while and getting used to it I found that when I jumped off I felt like I was still moving which is an odd sensation! From there I went immediately down to the pool where I thought I would swim about 1km – it seems I’m going to have to build up to this if I’m going to do it immediately after a run because it was a slow struggle to find pace and rhythm first time around. I was very glad to get out of the pool after 500m and then straight into a peaceful and empty sauna for ten minutes followed by an equally empty steam room for a further ten minutes.

A few things I took away from this session:

  • To improve transition between treadmill and pool (or vice versa) I am going to need to invest in some tri-shorts or a tri-suit.
  • Mizuno Wave Hitogami are not suitable for treadmill running so I’m going to try the Wave Rider 17 and Adios Adizero Boost to see how they go.
  • I’m going to have to build up my swim/run or run/swim brick workouts before throwing the watt bike into the mix.
  • The weights room and classes are intimidating places! From what I saw people in there like to see themselves in the mirror and are all about the posturing!
  • I’m going to need to zone out somehow so I can use the weight room for strength and conditioning. Working out with so many people around is something I’m not used to at all.
  • The same goes for the yoga and spin classes I’m interested in…

I have my induction on Monday between 1700-1800hrs so I’ll find out how to use some of the more obscure weights machinery and I’ll be told how to go about booking on to classes – I’m aiming to alternate between spin and yoga once a week. We’ll see how it goes but I’d like to be doing one class per week, one run/swim and one strength and conditioning session.

Peace & Blessings x

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