Downtime, Decisions & Driving

It’s been almost a week since I posted anything and almost a week since I last ran. I decided to give it a rest after my ankle ligaments began to cause me pain and kept on swelling. It is my intention to do no running, swimming or anything at all really until a few days before my next cross country league race on December 6th. The downtime so far has been paying dividends – although I feel quite unfit and sluggish my ankle does feel a lot better and this only bodes well for future training blocks and races.

As always, during my downtime I’ve been taking stock of my training and my racing plans for next year and on Friday afternoon I thought I had made the decision to enter the Dublin Ironman 70.3 on August 9th thus bringing myself full circle as I originally started this blog with the intention of charting my progress from a pot smoking, heavy drinking, unhealthy specimen of humanity to becoming a picture of health and good living using triathlon as the vehicle for my transformation! But this morning when the registration opened I balked at the £220 registration fee – I thought to myself as well as this fee I would also have to hire/buy a bike and wet suit, purchase flights and accommodation and then invest a gym and swim membership on top of it all. I’d be looking at a big expense and I thought to myself I’d be doing it to the detriment of other aspects of my life!

I’ve done extremely well on my journey to health and fitness since April 2011. Since my first race in 2012 I have competed in: a one mile race, one 5 miler, three 10Ks, 1 quarter marathon, 1 half marathon, two marathons and one ultra. I’ve logged a couple of thousand training kilometres and I’m signed up for two ultras, a marathon and a mile race in 2015 so far. I’m extremely proud of my racing (and training) achievements and I’m really looking forward to seeing how I do at all of my races next year! Having decided against putting down the fee for Dublin 70.3 and the associated costs it’s likely I’ll be entering at least another ultra (50k) and a few races between 5 miles and half marathon next year!

With all of this in mind I figure that it’s okay to leave the triathlon gap on my racing résumé for now and with the money I would have spent on all of that gear I have decided instead to invest in driving lessons and finally take some lessons and pass my test! Driving will open up a whole world of possibility and means I won’t be reliant on any of my team mates to get to cross country races and I won’t be putting undue pressure on Gabrielle when my marathons, ultras and other races outside of cross country happen to be outside of reasonable public transportation range and cost! As well as that it means, in general life, I will be able to share the burden of driving with Gabrielle and I won’t be so reliant on the inefficent, extremely expensive and fairly restrictive public transport network of the United Kingdom whenever I want to visit family and friends around the country! I can’t wait to get behind the wheel and get it done – I’ll be approaching driving lessons in much the same way I approach racing – I’ll be looking to dig in, do my best, keep on keeping on and aiming to reach my goal as fast as I can. I also know that if I pass my test it won’t be long before I’m signing up to compete in my first triathlon even though that will more than likely be sometime in 2016!

So, that’s it! I am to remain and a marathon and ultrarunner for now but I’ll be doing a lot more time in the pool and on the watt bike in the gym in preparation for the inevitability of adding ‘triathlete’ to my list of achievements.

Peace Out x

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