Sunday 16th November 2014

Workout Soundtrack: –

5.7km 27:35 (Cross Country Season, session 5)

*This post was written on 17th November*

I love running near Gabrielle’s place – the trails are much nicer, well defined and not too taxing to run on. The trails near my house are practically cross country with a lot of grass and mud. The trails near Gabs are hard packed gravel and beautifully scenic looping around three or four small lakes if you so choose and, if you want a US cross country experience, you can dive onto the local golf course which borders one side of one of the lakes.

We had planned to go out before it got dark this evening as both of my head torches were at home but it didn’t quite work out that way as Gabs started to prepare dinner and I was having an argument with my mobile phone provider about another faulty HTC One Mini 2. So, by the time we laced up it was 1645hrs and it had gotten pretty dark outside with spots of rain falling – we were still very much up for the run though! It just felt like a great idea and it turns out it was. I ran at Gabrielle’s pace the entire route, we ran shoulder to shoulder and even managed a bit of chatting along the way and, after checking splits on our return, we found that we ran a very consistent: 4:47, 4:47, 4:50, 4:52 before Gabs got a bit of side cramping and we slowed to 4:59 for the final klick and an average of 4:53 for the .7.

Although it was dark there was just enough twilight in the sky to light our route and we are both looking forward to the day we can run all four of the lakes under a full moon (with head torches as back-up, obviously)!

With that dear reader I will sign off and wish you a good start to the week!

Peace & Blessings

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