Tuesday 11th November 2014

Workout Soundtrack: Blindspot Podcast – ‘#276 mixed by Dig-It’

6km 24:30 (Cross Country Season, session 4)

I have been struggling with my run workouts since returning from Frankfurt and Fuerteventura. It has been difficult to maintain a consistent high tempo which is what I am used to over distances up to around ten miles – every run approaching 6 klicks since my return has resulted in a stitch in either my left or right hand side and this ugly reality even presented itself in my first cross country race of the season this past weekend.

I think it probably has to do with having run so many races this year but I’m not entirely sure. I’m due to visit with my physio either at the end of this week or the beginning of next and I’m going to see if she thinks it would be worth seeing a sports massage therapist for a tough session to loosen my legs, back and shoulders – I think this might be the key to running a successful season in the Chiltern Cross Country League but I can’t be certain with professional input!

Anyway, although this annoying stitch keeps rearing its ugly head and although my legs feel quite heavy and unresponsive it has not dimmed my passion for running and I’m still enjoying (in a perverse kind of way) being out there and pushing it as best as I can. Dave Scott and Mark Allen always used to say of Ironman, and particularly the run section, it’s all about who can suffer the most and I guess at the moment I’m training myself to run with the pain and to enjoy the suffering!

On that note dear reader I shall wish you a happy Tuesday and bid thee adieu!

Peace & Blessings

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