Wednesday 5th November 2014

Workout Soundtrack: TheMisfits – ‘Walk Among Us’

6.6km 26:56 (Cross Country Season, session 3)

A strange run for me this evening! It was easy to get home, get changed and get out as I’d been looking forward to it since about lunch time. However, once my legs started moving I couldn’t decide how hard I wanted to push it! I faltered and alternated my tempo in fifty metre fits and starts for around the first 2 klicks and then just seemed to think ‘To hell with it’ and switched off for the rest of the run.

The sky was clear, the moon was full and it’s Guy Fawkes night so there were a fair few fireworks going off along the route. This being the case my mind wandered to my old friend Loki. I can’t believe he has been out of my life for six months now – I’m tearing up as I’m typing this and hoping he’s somewhere safe and warm with people that realise he just needs a big cuddle and somewhere to hide afterwards when there are fireworks going off. He was a handful at the best of times but he really became something else around this time of year with all the loud noises associated with Halloween, Guy Fawkes night, Christmas and New Year and I really hope that whoever has him now is being kind and gentle with him because that wasn’t always the case with me – he used to drive me insane some nights with his refusal to eat, walk or do anything other than shiver at my feet, trying to burrow under my desk or the bed. Bless the wee pup.

Anyway, I digress, as I sometimes do here on the blog! I wasn’t expecting to write about the dog but that’s how this post has gone. No running for me tomorrow as I’m going to meet friends from my old work place after finishing at my new place so the next post will likely be on Friday the night before my first race of the cross country season!

Happy Wednesday y’all.

Peace Out x

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