Tuesday 4th November 2014

Workout Soundtrack: Blind Spot Podcast – ‘#275 mixed by Dr. Hoffman’

8.1km 33:36 (Cross Country Season, session 2)

Today marked the second day in my new job and on my way home last night I realised I was going to have to steel myself for running at night in the cold, and sometimes in the wet. Now, I’m no stranger to this having endured winter training every year since I started running but for some reason last night I could not get up the motivation to get going once I’d finished with my day.

This being the case, before going to bed I laid out my running gear in plain sight where I usually drop my work bag at the end of each day and it worked a treat. On the way through my front door I snatched up my shoes, went straight upstairs and changed straight away before even thinking about having a hot beverage or sitting down! I had no idea how far or how fast I might go and decided to run on feel with a vague idea of a route in mind – I extended this route at about the 6km mark which was a test of my resolve and mental strength as I was struggling with a stitch and the route from this point heads uphill for a few hundred metres. Once I started grinding out the hill and keeping out the pace in the pouring rain I immediately began to feel like I had conquered this particular run which is the first I’ve done in wet, dark and cold conditions since way back at the beginning of the year! As ever at this time of year my familiar winter mantras of ‘Champions are made in winter’ and ‘Everybody else is inside, you’re ahead of the game’ began to go around in my head which took away the sting of the rain in my eyes and the burning cold sensation on my thighs and quads. I do so enjoy running in short shorts all year around! It’s character building. But this year, I think I might give myself a bit of comfort once in a while and I’m seriously considering using some Asics running tights once in a while…

In other news, I went to Market Sports gym and pool which is a stones throw from my new office today. I figured it would probably be better for my training if after work some nights I could head straight to the pool for a lap session and/or into the gym for some strength and conditioning. It also gives me the option of, wait for it…yes, that’s right, treadmill running if it so takes my fancy – hey, if it’s good enough for Danny Kendall then it’s good enough for me! This particular gym also has two state of the art watt-bikes which can be set up in the aero position so I’d also like to give those a go – they provide a print out of your workout data immediately after you’re done which I guess will come in handy as I start moving towards seriously training for a 70.3 or full Ironman either in summer next year or early 2016! Finally having a gym so close to work also gives me the option of running there some mornings, taking a shower and then walking the two minutes to the office when I’m fresh and clean…the more I type and think about it the more likely it seems I will be paying up for a membership when I get paid at the end of this month. It feels like a new chapter in my endurance training might be just around the corner and that is really quite exciting as I’ve not really mixed it or changed it up for almost two years.

Anyway, that’s it from me today. I will likely be heading out for a run on the ‘morrow after work so until then I bid thee a happy Tuesday and adieu 🙂

Peace & Blessings x

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