Friday 24th October 2014

Workout Soundtrack: Brood Audio Podcast – ‘#144 mixed by [Wex 10]’

5.5km 21:45 (Frankfurt Marathon, session 17)

Sometimes the universe reaches out and gives you an unexpected gift. Today’s run turned out to be one of those gifts!

After last weekend’s disastrous and disappointing workouts I decided that my next run would be on the morning of my birthday and the Frankfurt Marathon on October 26th. All week I’ve been fretting about the marathon, my fitness and my ankle injury. I realised this afternoon that my fretting has largely arisen from my decision to basically throw in the towel and leave the outcome of my birthday marathon in the hands of fate.

Once I realised this is what I’d done I resolutely refused to allow this to happen. I didn’t want to toe the line on Sunday with the last run in my mind being the heavy legged, hard fought effort of Sunday October 19th and so I this afternoon I laced up and vowed to run 5 final pre-marathon kilometres on feel. I wasn’t going to look at my watch and I wasn’t going to bow to the nagging voice I’d been hearing all week telling me I may as well not even show up on Sunday!

Well, like I said, sometimes the universe gives you a gift and in this instance it was an early birthday gift in the form of a very much needed confidence boosting run. I ran 5.5km totally on feel and did not look at my watch once – I was very surprised to see I’d averaged 3:57 per kilometre without so much as a thought being spared to pace or cadence during the entire run. My mind was quiet, a smile was on my face and I enjoyed every step and considering I struggled to run in my intended marathon pace range for 11 klicks only five days ago I am now very happy and excited to race on Sunday! It’s on!! Let’s do this!!

This will be my final post until I return from Germany and Fuerteventura dear reader! I’ll aim to post a recap on November 2nd but it may be a bit later than that. Until such time I bid thee all adieu 😀


Happy smiley post-run yoga! Give thanks to the universe for an unexpected gift!

Peace & Blessings

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