Friday 17th October 2014

Workout Soundtrack: Adam Beyer’s Drumcode Radio Live – ‘DCR219 mixed by Sam Paganini’

6.3km 25:52 (Frankfurt Marathon, session 14)

*This post was written on 18th October*

I got home from my last ever Late shift to find a wonderful haul of running and swimming goods waiting for me! I was feeling very tired as I walked through the door but as I opened my post I discovered my Compressport calf guards, full race socks and my new Garmin 910xt so after 12 days without a run I felth this was a sign from a higher power that the time had come to lace up and get out on the road!

After about half an hour of configuring the Garmin and registering it with my connect account I found myself standing in the crisp night air with a bit of drizzle falling wondering what pace to run, which way to go and for how long to run for! As soon as I quietened my mind and put one foot in front of the other, with a bit of trepidation due to my ankle still being a little inflamed, a big smile spread across my pace as I fell into my stride quickly and efficiently and with no pain.

I knew which route I would be taking as I rounded the first corner at the top of my street and set my mind on thinking purely about keeping up the pace as best I could and enjoying the night air. I absolutely love road running at night, especially on Friday and Saturday, as you pass by people who may have had a few too many beers and who invariably stare at you like you’re mad or shout obscenities and/or encouragement – that alone helps to keep up the pace as you pass certain pubs!

Anyway, I don’t have much to report apart from it felt great to be back out running after twelve days off nursing overstretched ankle ligaments! It also felt great running in my new full length race compression socks and the Garmin 910xt is a fantastic addition to my kit list – I have retired my Forerunner 110 and, to extend its usefulness and life, I have gifted it to Gabs so she doesn’t have to carry her phone on runs and races anymore!

I hope the weekend is treating you well dear reader! I shall post on the ‘morrow as I intend to put the 910xt to test in the pool!

Peace Out x

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