Frankfurt: maintaining a PMA!

It has been eight days since my last run. After being felled by a stray Dr. Pepper can last Sunday I have been confined to walking, sometimes hobbling and sometimes limping depending on how my ankle decides to react on any given day!

I’m writing this having had the worst day for pain and swelling since the injury itself! My ankle is now covered in Arnica cream on the advice of my physio who I will be going to see tomorrow with the hope of a positive prognosis and further advice on what to do to get race ready. It is now 13 days until my 31st birthday, my second marathon and my first big city marathon in Frankfurt – right now I don’t feel too great about making it to the start line, let alone finishing the 4 back to back ten klicks and a bit that is required to cover 26.2 miles. But, well, I’m trying to stay positive so there has to be a but!

In the last eight days I have not remained idle, I have not taken my eye off the game and I’ve been proactive in looking forward not only to Frankfurt, but to racing in 2015 and to racing the 2014/15 cross country season with a club! So, the last eight days have seen me:

  1. Rejoin Harrow Athletics Club.
  2. Purchase some Adidas XCS5 cross country spikes.
  3. Get excited about the fact my first race of the season will be at Bedford on Paula Radcliffe’s home turf.
  4. Fill my race calendar from January up to June (with February/March set aside for training only) with races of varying distances.
  5. I’ve signed up to race the Country to Capital 45 miler in January as I realised if I can complete the course and also the South Downs Way 50 course in April then I will have enough UTMB qualifying points to enter the ballot for Lavaredo Ultra Trail, TDS and/or CCC in 2016!
  6. I’ve entered the Bupa Westminster Mile 2016 with Gabrielle as it was our first ever race together and Gabs first this year.
  7. I watched Ironman World Championships…and began to wonder about my first 70.3 at some point either next year or in 2016!
  8. I met with a friend who just ran her first marathon in Berlin recording 3:18 and a negative split! We discussed possibly entering a Swimrun race as a mixed team next year depending on whether or not I get a spot on OCC this year…
  9. Finally, I have also entered the Midnight Sun Marathon in June which takes place in Tromsø, Arctic Norway – a night marathon…but in bright sunlight as the sun doesn’t set at that time of year in the Arctic!
  10. Oh yeah, I’ve also created some homemade ice packs for my ankle that are re-freezable and easy to take to work and to rotate when I’m at home!

If for some reason I don’t get to the start line or have to register my first DNF at Frankfurt it won’t be with too much of a heavy heart – obviously I will be pretty nonplussed about it for a while afterwards but at least I’ve got plenty to look forward to with the cross country season and in 2015 when it comes to racing! And, aside from racing, if I register a DNS or DNF it won’t really matter as I’ll be on holiday, it’ll be my birthday and I’ll be in a new city with Gabrielle before we fly to the beaches, surf and mountains of Fuerteventura the next day – it’s all good in the hood be it DNS, DNF, PB. PR or just a finish!

Watch this space…

Peace Out x

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