Sunday 5th October 2014

Workout Soundtrack: –

1.2km 5:03 (Frankfurt Marathon, session 13a)

2 minute rest (waiting for Gabs)

2.9km 13:36 (Frankfurt Marathon, session 13b)

I’m starting this post with a kind of rant:

To whoever discarded a half finished can of Dr. Pepper on the pavement near the bottom of The Avenue,

Words cannot adequately describe how much negativity I feel towards you right now! Your carelessness has caused me to turn my ankle, has torn one of my running shoes and stained it with your disgusting fizzy drink.

I stopped session 13b of my Frankfurt Marathon training cycle very abruptly thanks to you. Your can wrapped around my shoe and caused me to turn my ankle and fall to the ground. I am currently writing this with an ice pack wrapped around my ankle and anger coursing through my veins. I hope the resting, icing, compressing and elevating will reveal no lasting damage in the morning. I hope next time you decide to throw something on the ground you look around you and find a bin – there was one just across the street from where you dropped your can of Dr. Pepper.

F— you very much.


Anyway, all in all today has been a pretty great day! Gabs and I have been relaxing, snoozing and cooking. I’m making us a fish curry with red lentil dhal and saag-aloo for dinner and she is trying to perfect a cinnamon bun recipe to go with the fresh coffee that is currently brewing up. I am determined not to let the discomfort I’m feeling in my ankle and lower leg distract me from the positives of today. As well as this wonderfully relaxing day and dinner to come Strava has just informed me that I managed, somewhow, to take down a CR on the section of road I was running when I came to my sudden, unexpected halt – this has definitely taken the sting out of the run a little as that CR has stood since June and I  managed to take seven seconds off it…I wonder how long it will stand for now?!

I’m away now, dear reader, to enjoy the rest of my evening! Send your positive thoughts this way if you can spare them – I’d like to wake up without an inflamed ankle and be able to run at some point this week 🙂

Peace & Blessings

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