Saturday 4th October 2014

Workout Soundtrack: Rob Zombie – ‘Past, Present & Future’

8.5km 34:08 (Frankfurt Marathon, session 12a)

30 second break

1km 5:37 (Frankfurt Marathon, session 12b)

I’ve been feeling slightly under the weather these past few days, nothing serious, just a bit of a cold so I thought I’d lay off running and cardio for a few days. I’ve been using my foam roller twice a day on my hamstrings, quads and ITBs since Wednesday so my legs are feeling pretty loose and refreshed! I have also had a week of pretty good sleep so it looks like I’m getting over my slump fully now. It feels good to be getting back to my normal, positive and forward thinking self!

Anyway, I got home from my Early shift feeling pretty tired and carrying a bit of a headache but I thought I would try to remedy both situations with a run! I couldn’t decide whether to take it easy or whether to pull on my Adios Boost and run it fast…the Adios Boost won once I sat down in my gear by the front door. I laced up and decided to run 5 klicks at tempo/best effort pace and then to ease off until I reached home – I was thinking of easing right off after my tempo effort but I decided I’d attempt to run between 4:10 and 4:19 which is going to be my intended average pace for the majority of the Frankfurt Marathon next month. I’m no fool as I’m pretty certain I won’t be able to sustain that pace from start to finish but I’m going to at least attempt to better my current PR set in Pisa in December 2013! According to my Garmin feedback, after that particular race I averaged 4:51 per klick and finished in 3:22:32, however my official time for the race is 3:21:29. I also know that my Garmin data will be a bit off with regards to average pace as I forgot to stop the timer for some time after I crossed the line.

Anyway, I had no trouble running at my intended marathon pace after my tempo and that was really heartening to see, especially as the final 800m or so is uphill so I had to make an effort to stay on target on the way up and after I topped out for a few hundred metres. I’m feeling pretty tired now! My headache had gone but I’m still not feeling 100% – I’m hoping a long sleep, a lie in and a session in the sauna will reduce my cold symptoms tomorrow. That said, I’m also itching to get back in the pool as my new Timex Ironman 10-lap watch arrived this afternoon – I’d like to test it out with a short kilometre swim and then spend a bit of time teaching Gabrielle how to freestyle swim as she struggles with it at the moment.

With that dear reader, I am signing off for the day. I hope the weekend is treating you all kindly 🙂

Peace Out x

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