Tuesday 30th September 2014

Workout Soundtrack: Janis Joplin – ‘In Concert’ & Metallica – ‘Master of Puppets’

11.49km 53:51 (Frankfurt Marathon, session 11a)

15 minute break

8.04km 36:17 (Frankfurt Marathon, session 11b)

*This post was written on 1st October 2014*

I had been planning on a long distance swim session today, it was my intention to drop into the pool and do my best to get up to 5km – 200 laps and probably close on two hours in the water! Alas, I had a second interview in the morning that seemed to go very well – I was told that I’d be informed of the outcome later in the day so I figured it would probably best to stay with my phone until such time as I found out whether or not I was to get a new job or not!

I got home from London and I pottered around doing some housework, visited the post office to send some eBay items, ate some lunch and then resisted the temptation to lie down and nap for a while! Instead, I decided to get my running gear on and take myself off for an easy paced recovery run after Sunday’s race. I shoved my phone into the pocket of my shorts with the ringer volume turned all the way up – I never do either of these things, the phone stays at home and it is always on silent or vibrate! Anyway, the sun was shining and there was a slight breeze so I took my UltraAspire handheld with me as I had a feeling I’d be running long whatever the outcome of the impending phonecall might be!

I set off at a nice leisurely pace, settling in for the first few klicks around 4:30 pace and then gradually slowing to around an average of 4:40. By the time I reached the 8k mark I had found a nice rhythm and I was wondering just how long this run might turn out to be! I honestly felt like I could have kept on tapping out the miles for a long, long time but then it occurred to me that I was waiting to hear about this job! I took my phone from my pocket and, whilst running, checked the display – no phone call but a tweet, two e-mails and a WhatsApp message were waiting. I ignored these, left the phone in my hand and then got my head back into the run but I noticed my empty head began to repeat the mantra ‘Please call, please call, please call’ right the way up to the 11.49km mark when, finally, the phone rang! I was so tempted to take a few extra strides to stop the watch on 11.5km but sense prevailed and I slowed it right down to a halt and picked up the phone…

I got the job! 😀

I’ll be starting on Monday November 3rd after finally finding a 9-5, Monday to Friday gig. So hopefully I’ll be returning from Frankfurt and Feurteventura with a winter tan, a new marathon PR and an exciting new job to keep me occupied!

The next step of my career will be taking me to the Spitalfields Crypt Trust as one member of a two person team in a newly formed role – exciting times developing a service pretty much from scratch! My new title is Progression Worker and I’ll be tasked with helping alcoholics and drug addicts who are in recovery to maintain their hard efforts by supporting them into the world of work and education. I mentioned in my interview that it might be an idea to reach out to local running clubs and groups to get something going for those that might be interested and now I’ll be on a 9-5 schedule with free weekends I might even be able to face the 2014/15 XC season but I’m going to see how I feel about that over the next few days!

After composing myself I called Gabrielle to give her the good news and to plan how to celebrate this achievement! It is such a weight off my shoulders and as regular readers will know I’ve not really been feeling myself these past few weeks for a number of reasons – the uncertainty around my career being quite a big factor in that so now that aspect is sorted I can begin to focus on the other aspects that need some tweaking! Anyway, I had stopped for around fifteen or twenty minutes to take the call and to let Gabs know so my muscles had started to tighten up, the sweat on my singlet and brow had started to cool quite significantly and I realised then that I need to get back on the road before it became too much of an effort! I set off with slightly heavy legs but a very big smile on my face!!

The heavy legs saw to it that I didn’t overdo it speed wise – I did wonder whether I’d be able to contain myself after the good news but I was pretty glad to find out that although I could pick up the pace from time to time it was a bit too much effort to hold it so I settled back into my pre-phone call rhythm and tapped out a pretty uneventful 8km. All I can say is that I let the road and my legs decide the route, my mind was pretty empty and clear and I just ran along enjoying the changing colours of the sky and clouds – I had a vague notion around the 7 klick mark that maybe I should push on a little, change direction and run 21km/half marathon distance but as quickly as that thought came it went again and I could feel the pull of home and the idea of a well earned beer or two alongside a mountain of chips was too much to ignore!

So that’s it dear reader. I have a new job and it feels amazing to me that I will no longer have to use lots of my annual leave just to do the thing I love: race. It looks like I’m going to have a pretty full race schedule next year and I might even try to follow a more structured training plan now that I’m free from the shackles of shift work! Also, on a final note, I won’t have to work over the Christmas period or New Year which is  first for me since beginning my career back in 2008 🙂

I hope that the week has been treating everyone well! Until the next time I bid thee adieu!

Peace & Blessings

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