Wednesday 24th September 2014

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6.4km 32:51 (Frankfurt Marathon, session 10)

A pleasant evening it was which led into a pleasant morning of snoozing until about 0945hrs. At this point Gabs and I decided to get up and face the day, drink some coffee and eat some pick and mix toast – one slice with honey and peanut butter the other with cacao and cashew spread.

After this we then, unsurprisingly, fell into something of a slumber for a little longer before rousing ourselves for a run. The day was passing quickly and although it is nice to let this happen sometimes we both had things to do in the afternoon and so we decided to lace up, race off and run into the sun!

For me it was a nice and easy 6.4km effort, averaging 5:08 per kilometre. It’s been a while since Gabrielle and I ran together shoulder to shoulder exchanging laughs and idle chit-chat along the way so it was refreshing to slow it down a bit more than usual and take in my surroundings a little more.  Unusually I also took my phone along with me in case the opportunity arose to take a few shots of us running along together!

On our return we showered and had some lunch before parting ways until the weekend. Excitingly we will be racing together this weekend at the Moor Park 10k which is a local race that attracts around 650 entrants. I don’t really have a goal or an aim in mind at this point because it’s less than a month out from the Frankfurt Marathon. It’s my intention to line up at the front and then go with the flow from there! It really is meant to be a fun race that we have both entered on a whim this past Monday! I’ll be using it mostly as a marathon speed workout, a litmus test for my fitness and as I said just as a fun way to spend the weekend together. As for Gabs, it’s her second ever 10k race and she’s feeling a little nervous but I’ve a feeling it’s going to pan out well for both of us…time will tell!

For today, dear reader, that is it. I’ll leave you with a poem I wrote for Gabrielle back in May about running together and with a couple of pictures form our run together today 🙂 I hope Wednesday has treated you well!

'Tales of the trails & An ode to the road' by Alistair Flowers

‘Tales of the trails & An ode to the road’ by Alistair Flowers

Peace & Blessings

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