Sunday 21st September 2014

Workout Soundtrack: Brood Audio Podcast #BAP140 ‘mixed by Mas Teeveh’

11.3km 47:05 (Frankfurt Marathon, session 8)

As you will probably have noticed through my posts in the last week I am struggling a bit at the moment with emotional regulation but now I’m able to get out and run again I think I’ll probably start to improve slightly as I’ll have a physical outlet aside from those offered by talking and writing!

Today was a long, long day at work! I had no sleep at all on Friday evening and hauled ass through the day and met Gabrielle for lunch which was a welcome respite and then I carried on hauling ass into the night – I finally feel asleep at about 0000hrs but woke up at 0400hrs! After this I tossed and turned and, try as I might, I could not go back and hang out with The Sandman. I did manage to snatch bits of something resembling sleep but then the time came to get up and get out for an Early shift. Needless to say, the shift dragged and I felt like I might fall asleep a lot of the time. My line of work is a very difficult undertaking unless you’re feeling emotionally resilient and have been sleeping well so as you can imagine it feels like I’m swimming against the tide at the moment.

Anyway, finally the end of my shift came and I hunched up my shoulders and marched on towards home – standing room only on the train saved me from falling asleep and missing my stop and so, when I finally go through my front door and into my room I lay down straight away and fell into a slumber for just over two, very welcome, hours! After I lay there and came around a bit I was expecting to want food and to want to relax a bit more but straight away my mind turned to running and so I slid out of bed and into my gear and then headed out the door!

This evening’s run is one of the best I’ve done all year! The best was back in Devon when I ran 13km uphill, downhill, along the beach and in the dunes but since then I’ve not really felt totally with it. Tonight marked a turning point because as soon as I pressed Start on the Garmin and set one foot in front of the other I didn’t look down once. I ran the entire route on feel and literally let the road and my mind take me where it wanted. As I approached every turn or potential route change I just repeated ‘Left or right, left or right’ or ‘Straight on or left, straight on or left’ etc. and this led me on a very nice varied road route with long straight sections, a grinding uphill section and a few fairly quick downhill sections. My breathing was regular throughout and my footfall was light and short – an almost perfect marathon stride I’d say! I could have kept on with the same pace for many, many more mile but as I said I let my legs and my mind decide the route and after almost fifty minutes I found myself sprinting down my road and towards my front door with a smile on my face, a sense of accomplishment to go with it and a rumbling of hunger making itself known.

So that, dear reader, is it for today’s run. I’m away to shower and eat some beans on toast. I shall leave you with a quick poem I wrote just before I stepped out for this evening’s run:

Winter Running by Alistair Flowers

Winter Running by Alistair Flowers

Peace & Blessings x

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