Friday 19th September 2014

Workout Soundtrack: Sven Väth – ‘Sound of the Ninth Season’

7.51km 34:48 (Frankfurt Marathon, session 7)

What sweet relief it is to run once more with relative ease. No pain, no discomfort and no sign of injury. Long may this continue!

My plan for today was to get my life in order before returning to work on the ‘morrow. I stuck to this plan but found that after obtaining some euros for our trip to Frankfurt/Fuerteventura, seeing my brother for a short while and doing some interview preparation I was at a loose end. The weather outside was calling to me so I went and sat out in the yard for a while reading Anna Karenina but, although this was ample mental stimulation, my body was calling for some physical activity!

I retreated indoors and vowed to lift some weights for a while, plank, do some core work and then head back out to read some more but once my heart rate increased and my feeling of well-being with it I knew that it wouldn’t be long before I found myself bedecked in shorts, singlet and Wave Riders ready to take on the heat and humidity of the day! And so that is exactly what happened. I surprised myself by setting off at a really easy pace, much slower than I’m used to as I like to go out of the traps fast and then slow into an easy run but this was easy from the get go and it was a wonderful leisurely, relaxing and I suppose I’d say comforting run. I average 4:38 per klick over the distance so much slower than yesterday but it was nice to just be running for the sake of running and it was easy to tack on a kilometre more than yesterday because of it! The plan is still to undertrain for Frankfurt and concentrate less on speed work, or any kind of specific type of workout, and to run as I did today: for the sake of it, for the joy of it, for the love of it.

I’m just grateful to be back out there again, running with joy and thinking lightly about taking down my current 26.2 PR on my birthday! It stands at 3:21:29 and I’d be happy even with 3:21:28…but 3:20 is within my grasp…

I’m back to work tomorrow so I’m going to take it as a rest day from the pool and the roads too. I will probably take Sunday too so, until Monday, I bid thee adieu! I hope the weekend treats you all well 🙂


Peace Out x


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