Thursday 18th September 2014

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6.5km 27:30 (Frankfurt Marathon, session 6)

I swam 4 klicks in the pool earlier today and afterwards I found I had zero appetite and that sleep would not come. I thought maybe I should just kick back and have a beer, but on the way back from the shop with a few bottles of Hobgoblin ale I noticed the weather was pretty beautiful. Before I knew what was happening I had my Garmin searching for satellites and I was heading out the door in a quest to tire myself into submission and in an attempt to drum up some kind of appetite!

Thankfully I can say that the run was pretty great! It was hard going but there was not even the spectre of a trapped nerve and its associated troubles. It seems that I am no longer injured, I am just a bit out of shape having only run six times since The Grim Reaper 40 on August 1st! I decided to run in the shoes I’m going to wear at the Frankfurt Marathon – I can’t give a reason why they just jumped out of the pile at me. All but one of my runs since the Reaper have been in Wave Rider 17 and it was a nice change to have something light and responsive underfoot in the form of the Adidas Adios Boost.

It was hot out on the road and after about 3.5km I started to get some pain around my core and my breathing wasn’t as natural as it usually is when I’m running around the 4:15 per klick pace. I think it’s safe to say this is because of a number of factors:

  1. I ate only two pieces of toast today prior to my epic swim
  2. I swam 4km in 1:28:03 about three hours before deciding to run and only ate a small Snickers bar afterwards
  3. I haven’t been running regularly recently

So with the pain and the heat I began to sweat a lot more than I’m used to over such a short distance! But, dear reader, the pain soon became sublime. I directed my concentration to it as opposed to thinking and ruminating on the many things that have been whirring through my head of late!

It is not just the achievement and feeling of freedom that running brings that I enjoy and that I have missed, it is the transcendence too. I love the fact that mental suffering ceases to exist once physical pain kicks in and then shortly after that the mind becomes a metronome and you are just there in the moment. All your mind is focused on is the sky, the path ahead and the tap-tap-tap of your feet on the ground and the rhythmic pattern of your breathing as you strive to keep on keeping on for as long as possible! Once this happens there is no torment, there are no questions and there ceases to be physical pain until, sometimes, it manifests itself in injury and you just have to stop!

I’ll say no more than that today as I think I’ve said enough for you all to connect with in some way.

Peace & Blessings x

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