Rest, recovery, life and swimming

Good day to you my dear reader! It has been 11 days since my last post and my last attempt at a run and not a lot has changed since then really. I am still following my plan to undertrain for the Frankfurt Marathon on my 31st birthday and October 26th really doesn’t seem that far away!

After my last run on Saturday 6th I did, and have done, nothing much at all apart from lift some weights and work on my core and back strength. Gabrielle returned from Bali (Indonesia) on Monday 8th and I was gladdened to be in her company again. I had an interview on Wednesday 10th and I’ve another coming through on Tuesday 23rd so there is a lot going on right now which may or may not have kept me from the roads and trails anyway!

However, this past Sunday I decided to get back into some sort of training and headed to the pool – there is a difference between undertraining and not training at all, right?! My original intention was to swim a mile and then hang out doing yoga in the sauna but something took over my senses and my brain and I just kept on swimming and then I kept on some more and an hour later I had swam the furthest I ever have – 3.1km. It was a hard effort and I loved every second. So it seems I am not only an ultrarunner but all of a sudden I’m on the way to becoming a long distance swimmer too! This became apparent yesterday when I decided to go for another swim. I did the same distance but this time in 58 minutes. To me it feels easier to swim further and slightly slower than when I do my usual one klick or one mile swims which I always try to hammer out! I swim in a 25m pool and I’ve found that just after the kilometre mark my mind is pretty much empty and I feel like I can just keep on keeping on.

Anyway, I thought it would be a good idea to post and give an update because it’s not often I disappear into the ether even when I’m injured. I was considering writing up individual workout reports for each of the swims I mentioned like I used to do when I was swimming more regularly but this blog is primarily about marathon and ultra running so I don’t want to blur that for you guys. I think also that I’ve not been posting much because life is feeling pretty tough right now!

I’ve got a lot going on that is causing me anxiety and a fair few sleepless nights. I long to run again as that is where I usually sort my thoughts out and try to put my mental life in order – it seems that as I’ve slowed to a halt on the running front life has caught up and made me realise that I may have been running away from these things and not towards the future like I thought. The downtime, once I’ve figured it out, will do me good I’ve no doubt and I hope that I can start sleeping more easily as I hit the pool a bit more often and start to work through each of the things that is causing me to have a level of anxiety and fear that I’ve not experienced for a number of years.

That’s all for now folks. I hope life is treating you kindly and that the trails and roads are giving you what you desire 🙂

Peace & Blessings x

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