Thursday 4th September 2014

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3.02km 12:04 (Frankfurt Marathon, session 4)

I have spent the last ten days doing dumbell bench presses, sit-ups, push-ups, dorsal raises and planks in a bid to begin the process of building up my core once more and strengthening my back so I can try to avoid a recurrence of my trapped nerve nightmare.

This is the second time in two years I’ve suffered with the problem – the first time it effected my left gluteal muscle, ITB and knee and got in the way of my training for the Pisa Marathon and this time around it’s effected my right side and my training for the Frankfurt Marathon! Today marked a turning point in my recovery though.

I decided some days ago that today would be my first attempt at running since my last 6.6km effort ended in disaster and another trip to the physio for some massage, muscle manipulation and acupunture. My recovery plan called for ten days of the workouts I described above followed by 3km today, a workout tomorrow, a 5km on Saturday and if all is well a workout and another 5km on Sunday.

Today’s run went well on many levels. I didn’t find it too taxing to keep my pace to around the 4:00 per km mark and I felt no discomfort or pain in my right leg. There was some discomfort underneath my left shoulder blade but I think I can attribute that to the bench pressing I’ve been doing. The only thing I noticed that was of a tiny bit of concern was a twinge in my right knee as I was nearing the end of my route – I wondered if this might develop into a situation similar the where I found myself after my previous test run but as the day has gone on I’ve had no further ill effect thankfully. So it seems I’m on the path to being able to run daily once more, I just need to remember that recovery is a marathon and not a sprint! I need to hold off on ranging out past the 5km mark until I’m 100% ready – it’s difficult though. These past ten days I have really felt like a bird with its wings clipped and this feeling intensified durin today’s run even though I was out there almost free as a bird!

So, dear reader, I ask you to channel your positive thoughts towards my trapped nerve! Let’s get this thing resolved so I can get back out there running faster and further 🙂

Peace & Blessings

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