Sunday 24th August 2014

Workout Soundtrack: Iron Maiden – ‘Somewhere Back In Time – The Best of 1980-1989’

6.66km 27:54 (Frankfurt Marathon, session 3)

My whole week has been building up to a run today. After Monday’s aborted attempt after 1.5km I noticed that the pain I had been feeling in my lower back, gluteal muscles and the strain on my knee from a trapped nerve or two had all be easing off over the following days.

It was not without trepidation that I got my running gear on, asked my Garmin to locate a satellite and then took some tentative strides as a warm-up. It was great to feel no pain or tension after a few strides so I press ‘Start’ on the watch and began to run. It felt absolutely wonderful to be running along at a nice pace (3:56 for the first klick) and even when I felt a small twinge that threatened to burgeon into a full on ‘stop running’ episode at 700m I just smile through it, arched my back a little to relieve pressure around the L3 and R3 nerves and carried on running! The twinges eased off as I got to the 1.1km mark and I maintained a pace of about 3:56.

Everything was going swimmingly, apart from some tightness in my shoulders due to not having been on a decent run for a while I could not have asked for a much better indication that my recovery is on track. But then. Indeed, but then, on a not particularly steep but quite long road descent I started to get twinges again. This was at the 4.7k mark and I wasn’t too far from home so I decided to do as before and arch my back to try to relieve some pressure – this worked a little but as soon as I resumed my slight forward lean the twinge became stronger and the tightness in my right knee began to cross the border from discomfort to pain. At this point I decided to ease off the pace quite a bit and ran the final 2 klicks at around 4:25 pace. Once I stopped running and did a few half push-ups, as advised by my physio, the discomfort in my knee dissipated! I’m now sitting here typing with a small amount of stiffness and discomfort but I can already feel that this is not going to be a long lasting or debilitating kind of injury like the last time I trapped my nerve back in September/October 2013.

All in all it was a good run and as I mentioned above, I feel it’s a good indicator that my recovery is on track. I might not be able to get in as many quality training runs as I might like before the Frankfurt marathon on my birthday but I will be getting to the starting line fitter and less injured than my last marathon in Pisa last year! I’m going for another acupuncture and massage session at Kingsfield Centre for Physiotherapy on Tuesday and I hope that will unlock the door and allow me to get back on the roads and trails a bit more regularly than at present.

I hope the weekend has been treating you well dear reader! Watch this space as I feel that normal service may be resumed shortly 🙂

Peace & Blessings

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