Thursday 7th August 2014

Workout Soundtrack: Paul Oakenfold – ‘Goa Mix’

6.03km 25:33 (Grim Reaper, recovery run)

It has been a long old day! I was due to head to my physio at 1830hrs, shortly after returning home from my shift but my best  friend who is a plumber offered a little bit of work beginning at the same time – I’ve not seen him for a couple of weeks due to our busy schedules so I headed out at 1745hrs to work as a plumber’s mate for a while before heading to the pub for two relaxed pints of ale and a catch up!

Whilst sitting in the beer garden I noticed the sky was looking particularly beautiful and that my post-ultra aches and niggles had pretty much disappeared. At this point I think a bit of runner’s guilt creeped in and before I knew it I’d turned to Michael and told him I’d be off out for a run when I got back home. So it was, shortly thereafter, Mick headed one way and I headed the other. Soon I was in shorts and singlet, I’d thrown some pasta on to simmer for dinner and before I knew it I was running at a nice, comfortable and fairly quick (for somebody that ran a 40 miler less than a week ago) pace towards my local short trail loop. By local, I mean 350m from my front door to the trail!

I had a feeling before setting off that the sunset was going to be a beautiful thing to witness so for the first time in a long time I took my HTC One-X along with me for the run so I could snap a picture! Considering that in the end I stopped to take two photographs I’m very pleased with my average pace per kilometre over the entire run coming in at 4:14. It was such a joyful and wonderfully warm run, the air was still and the smell of freshly cut hay was in my nostrils as I tapped along nicely listening to what for me is one of the best running mixes out there when it comes to running at sunrise or sunset – the composition of Paul Oakenfold’s Goa mix never ceases to bring a smile to my face, calm my breathing and take my mind from whatever task might be at hand or, for that matter, at foot!

With that my dear reader, I bid thee adieu. I’m away to eat some pasta and to relax before hitting the hay for a peaceful night’s sleep.

Sunset and Moonrise on the run. Beautiful.

Sunset and Moonrise on the run. Beautiful.

Sunset, warmth and beauty.

Sunset, warmth and beauty.


Peace & Blessings x

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