Wednesday 6th August 2014

Workout Soundtrack: –

2.1km 12:17 (Grim Reaper, recovery jog)

Today marks my slowest ever run I think! I went out with my housemate around 1815hrs – I know she runs quite slowly and I know she’s not a big fan of the sport so wouldn’t want to go far.

So it was that we ambled off running the first klick in 6:05 with me merrily chatting away whilst Helena tried her best to entertain my ramblings! After the first klick things quietened down as I realised Helena really doesn’t like to run at all and I think my finding the pace so easy may have been annoying her somewhat!

Recovering from my first ultra on Friday is going pretty well though! My only problem physically is a bit of pain in my lower back. I had a trapped R3 spinal nerve which caused my right knee and ITB to stiffen up over Sunday evening and Monday morning but that’s cleared up and now I’m just left with a bit of an ache in my lower left back and a tight left gluteal muscle – I’m going to be visiting my physio for some acupuncture and a massage before the week is out and I’m arranging for a session of cryotherapy with my sponsor CryoClinics. Mentally, my only problem is a lack of motivation to do anything other than run which is why I went for a run on Sunday and I just couldn’t help myself and went out today! That said, I’m going to hold off now until I’ve visited CryoClinic and my physio! Must.Not.Run.

I’ve only two races left in my long distance season: September 6th is the 15km Lakeland Trails Derwentwater race and October 26th is the BMW Frankfurt Marathon. After that I’ll be taking a break into November and cross training. Well, that’s not strictly true as I’m also going to be racing the cross country season in the Chiltern League with Harrow AC – my old club! I’ll be starting my ultra training again, and in earnest, in November to prepare for my first race of next season: the South Downs Way 50!

I hope the week has treated you well thus far dear reader and I hope it continues to do so until the weekend arrives! Wish me luck with my down time…

Peace Out x

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