Sunday 3rd August 2014

Workout Soundtrack: Gyuto Monks – ‘Gaytri Mantra’

4.12km 22:04 (Grim Reaper, recovery run)

2 minute rest

1km 9:27 (Grim Reaper, recovery walk)

My legs have found it difficult to walk upstairs and, particularly, downstairs since finishing The Grim Reaper 40 on Friday afternoon! So, naturally, my legs were screaming at me as I started to put on my shorts and singlet this afternoon – ‘Why are we going out now? What are you doing to us? Really? Is this necessary?’

Well legs, yes, this was a necessary undertaking. Although my legs were still aching I felt it would be best to get them out moving around instead of just lounging around today. After the Grim on Friday Gabrielle and I traveled to my Ma’s house which was two hours away so I didn’t get much chance to walk off the effort and then on Saturday we had another two hour drive back to my house via my Nan’s house again denying my legs to the chance to stretch or recover properly.

I plugged in some mantras and bade Gabrielle farewell on her own endeavour as she set off for a 7km shakeout on the roads. I took a very slow 500m amble on tarmac to the field at the top of my street and ran two very nice and slow laps before continuing my slow run 500m back to my front door. On arrival I decided that as I had used a run/walk strategy it would probably be an idea to get the walking muscles stretched out too so, after speaking briefly with my neighbour, I power hiked 1 kilometre around the block! As I approached the end of this effort Gabrielle was also returning from her run so we headed indoors for some water and some lunch!

So, I’m sitting here writing this and my legs feel quite a bit better than they did 24 hours ago! However, I know not to overdo it so for the rest of this week I’ll be taking it easy and doing a lot of strength, conditioning and stretching work alongside a few swim and sauna sessions. On that note, I’m signing off for today. I bid you a happy Sunday dear reader and I hope the weekend has treated you all as well as it’s treated me! On the ‘morrow I shall post a race report and photo blog of my Grim Reaper Ultramarathon experience 🙂

Peace & Blessings x

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