5k point, Dorney Dash 2015

Saturday 27th July 2014

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5.4km 26:42 (Grim Reaper, session 12) (post-race shakeout with Gabrielle)

*This post was written on July 27th*

Gabrielle and I were up early this morning to get prepared for The Dorney Dash 10k. This was to be Gabs first 10k race and her first road race since The Westminster Mile back in May.

There was not a cloud in the sky and, by the time we were leaving for the race at 0830hrs it was already about 21°C – by the time Gabs had registered, stretched and gone through the pre-race pre-amble the thermometre was touching 25°C and possibly higher. Tough conditions for a first 10k and on a course that provided no shade whatsoever! Two laps of Eton Dorney Lake, the home of London 2012 Olympic Rowing, with nowhere to hide. Needless to say Gabrielle was quite nervous and, in all honesty, so was I . I remember my first 10k road race back in May 2012 and the temperature there reached 27°C which was just about manageable with a bit of shade! I didn’t convey these reservations and if Gabs is reading this it’ll be the first she’s heard of them 😀

I saw a few runners go through the 5km point looking drawn and pale and that was from the front pack right through to when Gabrielle herself passed through looking fit as a fiddle, confident and smiling – she even had time to throw a peace sign to me behind the camera which was awesome. All reservations and fears on my part were allayed at this point and later on Gabs said she felt fine until about 8k when it became a bit of a battle between mind, legs and conditions!

5k point, Dorney Dash 2015

Gabs looking groovy and throwing out peace signs at the 5k mark!


Anyway, I was there near the finish line to cheer her through the last 150m and she came through to finish as 25th Senior Lady (out of 109), 285th overall (out of 665) and logged a time of 52:17 – a great debut 10k road outing in my opinion particularly as she eschewed the use of the race pacers and ran to her own strategy. As an aside, I’m also pleased to note that the overall winner was also a female: congratulations to Charlotte Purdue (Aldershot, Farnham & District AC) who took the ladies CR by over two minutes registering a time of 33:03 and finished 13 seconds in front of the first male!

After finishing the race we took some time to relax in the shade, admire the medal, chat with fellow runners and take on some fluids before taking a walk back to the car. On the way back it was decided that as the weather was so nice we would drive out to a small forest to have a little post-race shake out followed by a pub lunch! We were in for a treat when we came across a pretty well hidden and shady trail head – we headed out a very nice and gentle pace and ran for 3km together, this was enough for Gabrielle and she waited for me at the car while I tried to get myself up to tempo pace for a further 2.3km. I know that after finding my legs to be pretty heavy this will be my final run before the Grim Reaper 40 Ultramarathon on Friday August 1st! My body is telling me to taper and taper well so now I’m going to have to hold off doing any sort of leg work or anything too strenuous this week – a difficult task considering the weather is beautiful!

That’s it for this weekend dear reader, quite possbily you won’t be hearing from me for another week when I should hopefully be posting a race report and some photographs from my first ultra! I ask you all to refrain from rain dancing until I’ve crossed the finish line 🙂

Peace Out x

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