Friday 25th July 2014

Workout Soundtrack: –

3.5km 17:31 Grim Reaper, session 11a (easy with Gabrielle)

One minute walk break

3km 11:33 Grim Reaper, session 11b (tempo, solo)

30 secs rest

5oom Grim Reaper, session 11c (warm down)

*This post was written on 27th July*

Gabrielle’s new trail shoes arrived this morning – she went for the Nike Zoom Terra Kiger (review might follow, watch this space). Therefore, we planned an inaugural run for them – it was meant to be in the sunshine around the local lake just after I arrived but unfortunaely the weather had a different idea and it poured with rain, flashed with lightning and pounded with thunder for about three hours! Eventually the air cleared and the sun returned quite soon after. We took the opportunity to take a nice slow run at this point.

For the first time since running together we managed to comfortably engage in a conversation for the whole first section of the run! It was great to float along, shoulder to shoulder shooting the breeze. At the 3.5km mark I broke into a walk so I could attempt a solo tempo run around the lake (and a bit to make it up to 3km) – Gabs carried on at an increased pace for another 2km herself.

My tempo effort was not as quick as I might have liked due to the fact I had not quite yet fully digested the sandwich and coffee I had on arrival at Gabrielle’s – I got stitch at about 2km and almost threw up (quietly) during the first 3.5km easy run that we did together. I’ll admit to feeling happy the tempo session was over when my watch beeped! The temperature had risen back to pre-storm levels and it was quite humid, this in addition to my stitch and slight sensation of sickness did not add to a fun solo trail effort but, all was not lost, I learned that for me at least sour dough bread chicken sandwiches are a no-go before a run!

After warming down we headed back to relax a while before heading to the supermarket to pick up groceries (and beers) for dinner A pleasant evening ensued, eating a wonderful salad with venison burgers in the garden. Not the most orthodox of pre-race days for Gabrielle’s first 10km tomorrow but by no means the worst!

Peace & Blessings x

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