Tuesday 22nd July 2014

Workout Soundtrack: CLR Podcast – ‘#282 mixed by Albert van Abbe’

6.5km 26:57 (Grim Reaper, session 10)

I woke late this morning, around 1015hrs because I had decided the night before to run commute after my Late shift today. However, when I opened my eyes the sun was shining and a gentle breeze was in the air so I pulled on my running gear without thinking, put on a fresh pot for my return, drank some water and then headed out the door for an impromptu pre-work run!

I’ll admit, within about 250 metres I was struggling to keep up a tempo pace! My legs felt heavy, tired and unresponsive to requests for high cadence. I tried for about a klick and a half but then decided to drop into an intermediate pace – somewhere between tempo and easy for the rest of the run. Most of the time I was out there was a struggle with the heat and the feeling that I was not running quickly enough! I decided towards the end that I’m taking Wednesday and Thursday as rest days and hitting my legs with some self massage and foam rollering before trying again, on the trails, on Friday. It makes sense to listen to my body with only ten days to go before the Grim Reaper 40! Also, like I always say, not every run can be great so it’s best to take the good with the bad and to do it with a smile 🙂

Final preparations were made, post-run and pre-work, for the Grim Reaper. I’m getting real excited about running my first ultra now! Gabs and I will be heading up to the race site on the afternoon of Thursday 31st to set up my crew tent, say hi to other competitors and then we’ll be heading to a very nice hotel about 5 miles from the race itself – originally I wanted to camp at the race site itself but on reflection I’d much rather sleep in a bed the night before and be able to rely on peace and quiet instead of gambling on a quiet campsite. So, creature comforts win on that count! Nice dinner, bath and bed the night before with a nice breakfast and a shower on the morning of the race itself – sounds like an awesome weekend in the making to me. Gabs and I will also volunteer for an hour or two on the main aid station after my race before heading off to see my Ma for the first time since January!

This weekend Gabrielle is set to run her first 10km too so two wekeends of racing and fun are coming right up and I for one cannot wait!

I hope the week is treating you well dear reader, for now though, I bid you good day.

Peace Out x

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