Sunday 20th July 2014

Workout Soundtrack: –

6km 29:04 (Grim Reaper, session 9a, easy with Gabrielle)

20 second rest

1.5km 6:39 (Grim Reaper, session 9b, warm down)

Gabs and I have had a lazy day mooching around at home – it’s the kind of weather that encourages that! Hot, hazy and humid, the slightest movement makes you break into a sweat!

However, after hours of inactivity we both decided the time had come to face the humidity and to get out for a nice slow run – I planned a route to take us largely downhill and on the flat (with a few rises here and there). Most of the route was on paved road but it incorporated a nice gravel single track in the middle. Gabs informed me that she was taking the time on the run to get her head around which pair of trail shoes to purchase: Salomon Sense Mantra, Brooks Cascadia 8, Invo8 Trailroc 246 or Nike Zoom Kiger with an outside chance for the Adidas Kanadia XC (a very sexy but very specific trail racer for muddy, tough conditions). As far as I’m aware at this point she’s going to go for Zoom Kiger and I hope to get her to post a review of whichever shoe she gets here on the the blog – watch this space dear reader as she may even post a review of the Mizuno Wave Sayonara soon as well!

Anyway, the run was uneventful but really enjoyable gliding along together chatting. At the 5km point I told Gabs I would meet her at home as I wanted to head off to try and gain a Strava CR on one of my favourite sections of road to run in my neighbourhood – I’m pleased to say that I achieved this modest goal, taking six seconds off the previous CR and covering the 0.7km in 2:24!

With that short post dear reader it’s time for me to sign off – dinner is calling, as are the final two episodes of ‘True Detective’ and it looks as though a pretty awesome thunderstorm is brewing 🙂

Happy weekend y’all.

Peace & Blessings x

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