Saturday 19th July 2014

Workout Soundtrack: –

3.5km 13:47 (Grim Reaper, session 8)

Not a long one today as I didn’t expect to be heading out for a run at all!

After yesterday’s ‘Meh’ day I decided to make the most of today, I fully anticipated a ‘no run’ day so I headed to my Dad’s house with my mate at around 1500hrs for a few beers (prior to this I did some life admin/paperwork and some housework).

We three sank a couple of pints, chatted geopolitics and the nature of western hegemony for a couple of hours and my friend Tom and I headed back to my house to bake some Anzac biscuits, drink more ale and eat some dinner!

Energy levels for both my friend and I were still pretty high after the fifth pint and some dinner so I suggested we hit the trail for a beer mile or a bit further – hence today’s short beer run. As to be expected it wasn’t that fast at all but pretty darn fast considering today’s beer consumption levels – we averaged 3:55 per kilometre and managed to not throw up everywhere, a successful sunset beer run, no doubt!

It’s now time to kick back, have another beer and relax in front of the television before hitting the hay. I hope you’re having a fun weekend dear reader!

Peace Out x

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