Thursday 17th July 2014

Workout Soundtrack: –

5.25km 20:21 (Grim Reaper, session 6)

Work was not busy at all today but because the shift seemed to be drifting by so slowly I became quite stressed and tense. I could feel the build up coming from about 1600hrs right up until the end of the shift at 2200hrs – all I wanted to do was get out and run for a few miles in the heat and the sun but there I was, stuck to my desk with not much at all to do but follow the latest sad and tragic developments from Gaza and tap and type away at some routine paperwork (very boring)!

I made a promise to myself just after hearing the Israel had begun to send troops and tanks into Gaza that I’d get my chance to run today which is how I ended up getting out for a my night run. I knew that by the time I got home I would need to find a way to clear my head of the images and news reports coming through to me on Twitter and from other sources and I know of no better way to disengage from 24 hour news accessibility than to go for a run!

I got home, pulled on my shorts, a singlet, switched on my Garmin and laced up my Adios Boost before setting off at a pretty fast clip into the hot, still night air! From the get go I could feel my pace was going to be fast and my footfall was short, snappy and deliberate. I decided to take a completely different route to that which I would normally follow if I was planning on a fast 5 klick effort and it was enjoyable to run the opposite way, uphill, along certain roads at the start of my run that I would normally be heading downhill on towards the end of a run!

It was really quiet out on the streets, I saw about five pedestrians on my entire route and also just a handful of cars which was great as it allowed me to run on the smoother surface of the road instead of the sometimes precarious pavement. My first kilometre came in at 3:50 and my last came in at 3:33 which I was extremely pleased with – I was just five seconds off a year’s best for 5km, passing through at 18:55! Not bad at all considering I’d done a full day at work and an 18km run yesterday. Running really is the best stress relief and self therapy for me – particularly night running after a mentally tough day, maybe not so much when the day has been physically draining but it really does help to clear the head when the brain has been on the go from morning until the moment you start lacing up!

Anyway dear reader, I’m now feeling pretty tired and ready to hit the hay. Tomorrow is set to be the hottest of the year so far here in sunny south east England so I may try to get out for a long run if the mood takes me! Until the ‘morrow then, I bid you all goodnight.

Peace & Blessings

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