Review: Salomon Advance SLab Hydro 12 Race Vest

Salomon Sense Advance SLab Hydro 12 Race Vest

Salomon Sense Advance SLab Hydro 12 Race Vest

The cost of this vest, like most Salomon equipment, is a tad more than I like to lay out! But, as with most Salomon equipment, the cost is offset by the durability, comfort and usage.

There is so much space in this vest that I use it for my run commute home from work and for longer training runs on trail and road. With regards to my run commute I can easily fit in a pair of flip flops/canvas shoes, jeans/trousers, shirt/t-shirt and a book along with my phone, wallet and travel card. For training runs I substitute all of this with a spare technical t-shirt, a smock, a pair of socks, gel(s) and both front pouches usually have soft flasks in them – one with electrolyte drink and the other with just plain water! For both types of run I have my iPod Shuffle and earbud headphones stashed in the upper front pockets on one side and my house keys on the upper front pocket of the right side.

As yet I haven’t tested the vest in rainy conditions but I don’t think keeping the essentials dry and out of harm’s way will be difficult with judicious use of a small dry bag for clothing items and a few freezer bags for the smaller items such as wallet, phone and head torch (no need to wrap the iPod Shuffle as it is hard as nails!) That said, the vest doesn’t repel sweat as well as you might like so I use the dry bag for clothing items anyway as they are generally the items that are pressing directly against your back!

With regard to comfort, it really is like wearing a running singlet – once it’s on you don’t really notice it at all. The pouches and pockets all seems to be perfectly positioned so they don’t restrict the natural running motion and even on hard descents the bag doesn’t move at all so long at the chest straps have been correctly tightened and fastened! It’s so light and so unnoticeable that sometimes I’ll take it out if I can’t be bothered to hold water bottles!


  • Spacious
  • Perfectly placed front pouches for soft flasks and small essentials
  • Unobtrusive/Unrestrictive
  • Extremely stable on the move
  • Attractive


  • Holds on to salt/sweat (needs regular washing for regular usage)
  • Not water resistant/waterproof
  • I would advise purchasing a small dry bag to use in main storage compartment
  • Hard to access side pockets and main compartment whilst on the move

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