Review: OMM Ultra Waist Pouch 6

OMM Ultra Pouch 6

OMM Ultra Pouch 6

I haven’t had a chance to use this pouch over great distances as yet. The furthest it has been so far is 18km on the road and 15km off-road.

The pouch is roomy enough to keep everything you might need in it for a long run in most conditions: you can fit a smock or jacket in there comfortably along with nutrition and a spare water bottle – I usually put a Salomon 500ml soft flask in there. In addition there is enough space for a map/road book should your run require it and certainly enough nooks and crannies to secrete keys, money, an MP3 player and any extras you might want to take along such as spare socks, maybe a technical t-shirt or a head torch.

My first impressions after a few runs was that I was going to need to modify the pouch to make it work for me. It comes with a 500ml water bottle that slots into a mesh bag with elasticated holder but I found that this caused the pouch to slide around the waist and gave it a lot more movement all around – I had to tighten the belt to an uncomfortable level to keep it one place which took away any enjoyment, it also caused some pretty bad chafing around the top of my left hip.

To remedy this I simply cut the mesh bag off the pouch itself and resorted to carrying handheld bottle(s) and/or stashing a soft flask in the main compartment. I must say that the OMM Ultra Bottle that came with the pouch was pretty poorly made – it leaked on both occasions I took it out in the mesh bag and also when I took it out as a handheld.


  • Stable (without water in holster)
  • Main comparment and both hip pockets have ample space
  • Useful compartments within main pocket
  • Easy to access on the move


  • Water bottle that came with pouch is badly made
  • Had to modify to make the pouch stable and comfortable on the move
  • Water holster that I removed had started to detach anyway after just 50km of usage

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