Review: Berghaus Elite smock

Berghaus EliteBerghause Elite (stowed)

I have been using the Berghaus Elite Half Zip jacket for a few years now. If it is raining hard when I’m about to set off for a run I pull this on, tighten the drawstrings and get on with the job at hand!

Unfortunately I find that it’s not really breathable enough for long distances and, indeed, if you use this during warmer downpours the material sticks to the forearms uncomfortably. As well as its propensity to hold sweat and to become very sticky the movement of the jacket when running isn’t too great either! Berghaus should be forgiven though as this jacket is not intended or really designed for running – it’s more of a mountaineering, fast packing and hiking garment in that it keeps the user warm and dry when moving at paces slower than the majority of runners would find acceptable!

The Berghaus remains part of my repertoire for one main reason and that is its weight. Coming in at 199g and packing down to just larger than the size of a fist it is unobtrusive in waist pouches or packs and is bearable for use over about half an hour – if you find yourself running in a rain storm that is going to last longer than this then expect to get hot, sticky and pretty uncomfortable with the smock on.


  • Weight
  • Packability
  • Waterproof


  • Poor ventilation
  • Difficult to remove after running
  • Normal running torso/arm movement feels restricted

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