Wednesday 16th July 2014

Workout Soundtrack: CLR Podcast – ‘#281 mixed by Sian’ & Mastertraxx Podcast – ‘mixed by Droid’

18km 1:19:57 (Grim Reaper, session 5)

As I’m working the Late shift tonight I thought it would be a nice idea to take advantage of the very hot weather, clear skies and beautiful sunshine to go for a run before heading off to the office!

I didn’t intend to run so far today though! I had intended to run a 12km to test out my new singlet that Gabs purchased for me yesterday as we passed through the London Marathon Store on the way to dinner and after going to see our friend’s pop-up store at BoxPark. The singlet is a really nice, lightweight and fast drying New Balance number and I can safely say after road testing it this morning not only is it lightweight off the rail but also on the run and it really was fast drying as I sweat buckets out there today and didn’t feel like I was weighed down my shirt like I sometimes do when I run in tech-tees or closed neck singlets. But, enough of impromptu product reviews, on with the run breakdown!

I have inadvertently stumbled on an extremely interesting new route that will provide a mixture of grass, gravel and road for long runs! Today’s run ended up being a recce of sorts as I’d quite like to go real long on Friday when I have the day off – I’ll be following the route I took today for sure. I decided to change direction on one of my usual routes, around the 6km mark, and headed into a parkland area that had a paved road running alluringly straight through fields and woods. A mistake I did not make! Although I got lost at the 7.5km mark I took notice of the signage, paths and tracks that led off from the paved road. I say I got lost but really I just knew if I’d carried along on a grass track that I had chosen to veer off onto I would inadvertently end up on a very long run which was something I hadn’t prepared for and something I thought was probably a very bad idea considering I have work from 1400-220ohrs! On Friday I’ll head out either with my waist pouch of the race vest to explore these tracks and paths at leisure – I certainly won’t be aiming for any speedwork and I wholly expect to be averaging about 5:00 to 5:20 per km over whatever distance I cover. What I found out there today was too inviting to pass up whilst the weather is like it is! We are due to have huge thunderstorms on Saturday which could very well render some of the paths and tracks I found fairly impassible for some time.

Anyway, I think I set off a little too fast today. Well, not really if I’d have stuck to my original 10 to 12km route plan but definitely so considering I ended up covering 18 klicks! I definitely slowed towards the tail end of the run which is something I need to be mindful of when I get the start line of the Grim Reaper 40 on August 1st. Pacing is the key and running slowly at the start of a long run is the tactic I need to master! With that though dear reader I must depart for work today. I hope the week is treating you all as well as it has treated me so far!

Enjoy the roads and trails people, until next time, adieu!

Peace & Blessings x


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