Review: Salomon Sense Ultra SG

Salomon Sense Ultra SG

Salomon Sense Ultra SG

I have coveted these shoes for a long time and, after holding off buying them for an even longer time I decided to take the plunge and purchase the most expensive shoes I have ever gone for – fashion or running wise!

First thing first: in my opinion these shoes are almost unbearable to run in on the road and sometimes, as we all know, you might find yourself running along a paved section either to get to a trail head or to traverse around an impassable spot. That though it the only negative I’ve found with these shoes! In my opinion it has been money well spent – I’ve only clocked about a 100k in them so far but they are showing no signs of premature wear and tear.

Out on the trail be that sand, dirt, grass, mud or gravel they are amazing. They feel great on training runs ranging from tempo, to steady, intermediate and down to easy pace. I’ve raced in them once so far and they helped me finish a very respectable 10th at my first ever trail race! I’ve power hiked up very steep inclines and I have pounded down very steep, quite technical trail descents with no problem at all and I have also taken them out for beach and dune runs which were a revelation. They perform amazingly well in sand! They keep the sand out, the foot stable and seem to be able to glide through the soft stuff and encourage you to quicken the pace on the harder stuff. As well as this I have used them for trail intervals and repeats – 5x 1k and 3x 1 mile). All in all they are my ‘go to’ trail shoe! They are lightweight, versatile and (not that it’s important) very eye catching shoes -these shoes have reignited my passion for running off-road this summer and I cannot wait to test them out in muddier and wetter conditons through autumn and winter.


  • Lightweight
  • Aggressive grip promotes confidence on tough trail sections and speed when running on sand or soft ground
  • Attractive
  • Plenty of protection without the added weight of excess cushioning. A very comfortable ride on gravel and rocky sections of trail
  • I find they promote a fore to midfoot strike which obviously improves efficiency
  • Easy and comfortable to power hike in when required


  • Unstable on road sections. Felt like I might turn an ankle at any minute and slowed me down
  • Felt like the sole was sticking to tarmac on paved/road sections also slowing me down


3 thoughts on “Review: Salomon Sense Ultra SG

    1. Al Flowers Post author

      I reckon my feet are quite wide as feet go and the Salomon are a narrower fit than I would normally like, but I’ve found that after a few runs they stretch out – I ordered a half size up from my true fit and that seems to help. If you’ve got super wide feet then I guess these would be a non-starter though.


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