Review: Mizuno Wave Rider 17

Mizuno Wave Rider 17

Mizuno Wave Rider 17

These shoes were given to me by Mizuno after I complained that my Wave Hitogami soles practically fell apart after 300km!

Running in the Wave Rider 17 has been a revelation for me – usually around 8km I tend to start feeling a little bit of pain in my feet which usually numbs out by 14km allowing me to run on without noticing. However, by 8km in the Wave Riders I felt really comfortable and the extra cushioning from toe to heel really does make a difference, combined with the Injinji lightweight sock, these have quickly become my go to shoe!

The shoes don’t promote a real fast run but that’s not what they’re for. I have managed to keep up to my tempo pace in them but obviously this is a bit more difficult than if I was wearing more light weight/racing shoes such as the Mizuno Hitogami or the Adidas Adios Boost. I have also taken these out on real easy runs (around 5:10 per km) – they are super comfortable for that but they feel a little sluggish. But what these shoes are really for, and where they excel, is going long at a steady intermediate pace somewhere between your easy and tempo pace range!

These shoes really are versatile – I’ve taken them on 14km gravel and dirt road runs and I’ve been up to 18km on paved roads with them. On both occassions I felt comfortable and the shoes felt just as responsive as my usual lower profile shoes. The Wave Rider are the first time I have ever run in anything other than low profile too and I have really noticed the difference over my longer efforts – afterward my foot don’t hurt so much and neither do my legs like they sometimes do when I push on in other shoes such as the Inov8 Road X233. I’ll be totally honest with you here – I think that if I had not been so stubborn about wearing cushioned shoes from when I started running back in 2011 I would have had far less injury problems! The Wave Rider 17 are a traditional, high mileage, long run and everyday training shoe and I can’t see myself going back to low profile shoes for anything other than racing, track and speedwork.


  • Considering the cushioning they are responsive at speed
  • Lightweight considering the cushioning
  • Very comfortable on road, gravel and dirt
  • Sleek/Attractive
  • Durable and versatile. These shoes will be able to clock up the Ks on a variety of surfaces – a real ‘go to’ training shoe


  • Sizing – the Wave Rider 17 seem to run a half size smaller than my true size which is the first time I’ve ever come across this problem
  • Sluggish at slower paces which meant I had to concentrate on fore to midfoot striking

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