Review: Inov8 Road X233

Inov8 Road X233

Inov8 Road X233

I have put in a lot of mileage with these shoes, mostly on the road as you’d expect but I’ve also put them through their paces on gravel and dirt where they held up well and gave a good account of themselves. I will say they are really best on the road though as they provide very little protection from rock strikes or for those moments when you step on rocks or roots when on the trail.

They feel fantastic from the first step to the last so long as you’re not ranging past the half marathon mark – these are one of the few pairs of shoes I have run in that, prior to my discovery of Injinji toe socks, gave me no problems with blisters – the Injinji discovery seems to have removed blisters as a problem for me altogther now though!

If you’re out there looking for something light, low profile and breathable I cannot recommend these shoes enough but do take note that after 21km or so I personally don’t feel they offer enough protection from forefoot to heel! These are great for speed training on the road, track work and I’d say they are ideal for 10k road races and possibly, if minimal is your thing then you could race with them up to half marathon.


  • Colour
  • Sizing – they do run true to size but I purchased them half a size up which, in hindsight, was unnecessary
  • These are really lightweight shoes and it’s noticable during speed sessions particularly, great for high cadence running
  • Durability – I’ve ran with these for about 350km and they are still very much usable! There is no cosmetic damage to the uppers whatsoever and I have no idea what the soles are made of but whatever it is it can take a battering on the road and in the dirt


  • Running at slower paces can be uncomfortable even for forefoot/midfoot strikers like myself

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