Review: Adidas Adios Boost

Adidas Adios Boost

Adidas Adios Boost

I struggled through my day at work knowing that once I got to the end of it I would likely find my new pair of Adidas Adios Boost waiting for me – I’ve been looking forward to them arriving since I picked them up for a bargain basement price on eBay on Monday!

I got home from work and unsurprisingly there were my new shoes just waiting to be taken out for a road test. I thought holding them and then putting them on would boost my energy level but I honestly just felt drained and lethargic as I stepped out the door to take them on a test run!

This feeling evaporated within 100 metres! The shoes are a dream. I cannot remember a time when the start of a run has felt so effortless – I have read a few reviews where runners have felt the same but I am always sceptical of the opinions of others when it comes to running shoes because the ride is different for everybody. But, just like my feelings of tiredness and lethargy evaporated, so did my scepticism.

As readers will know, I’m not really au fait with the technical jargon when it comes to shoes or gear – I just know what I like and I know what I don’t like!


  • Colour
  • Really lightweight but with plenty of protection for marathon/50k racing
  • Fit (I suggest going up a half size but the fit is snug once you get the sizing right)
  • Roomy toe box
  • The ride is fantastic, really does feel like you’re putting in less effort


  • Not sure how much wear they’ll take. Definitely a distance racing shoe – I’d hesitate to use them on a daily basis even for short and fast runs if you want to get some good race usage (two or more marathons)
  • They’ll hold up on hard packed dirt but I wouldn’t use them on grass, gravel or technical trail as they don’t really have the grip for this

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