Monday 14th July 2014

Workout Soundtrack: –

7km 33:50 (Grim Reaper, session 4a) (easy with Gabs)

0.6km 8:43 (walk break – Gabs feeling unwell)

1.21km 5:41 (Grim Reaper session 4b) (warm down with Gabs)


*This post was written on July 15th*

This was my first run with a heart rate monitor. I decided to give it a go as a lot of ultrarunners swear by heart rate training and ‘running in the zone’.


I didn’t look at the HR feedback during the run, instead I just matched Gabrielle’s average pace of about 5:00 per kilometre. I feel I can probably tap this pace out for a good distance before slowing and I think I’ll stick with this pace, or even slightly slower, for the first 30 miles of Grim Reaper 40 and then aim to hopefully pick up the pace and pick people off over the last ten miles – slow and steady gets results according to Karl Meltzer so if I can contain myself for long enough I’ll put the theory to the test!

Unfortunately, after about 5 or 6 klicks Gabrielle started to get some pains in her abdomen area and had to slow and eventually stop. She encouraged me to run on so I increased my pace for around a klick and took a circuitous route back round to where she was walking off the discomfort. I stopped the watch and HR for a little while and we shared some water before taking a walk together to one of Gabrielle’s favourite sections to run in my neighbourhood – after a short breather she felt able to run on again so she set the pace for the final 1.2km jaunt to back to my domicile!

Anyway, after some water and relaxation Gabrielle felt fine and we chatted about strategy for her upcoming first 10k race! I think I’m more excited than she is at this point – pre-race nerves are evident for sure! As for my first ultra which is rapidly approaching, well, I’m feeling really excited about it and actually quite calm and controlled – heck, I’m even putting together a pace, hydration and nutrition strategy!

Until next time dear reader, I bid thee adieu 🙂

Peace & Blessings

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