Saturday 12th July 2014

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14km 1:00:17 (Grim Reaper 40, session 3)

*This post was written on July 13th*

I took the opportunity to travel to a new running location this afternoon, Gabrielle was running a stall at Barnes Fair so after picking up my new pair of Mizuno Wave Rider 17 I headed off to South London.

Travelling to Barnes from Bushey on public transport so I could run somewhere different didn’t turn out to be one of my best ideas! By the time I arrived I was dehydrated and feeling about as tired as I do after running a marathon. It was a hot day yesterday and hotter still after being cooped up on trains, underground trains and buses for close to two and a half hours. When I arrived at the fair it was teeming with people – loads of people! This made me quite agitated as I searched high and low for Gabrielle and her stall – eventually I found her in a leafy corner of Barnes Pond park where it was a lot cooler and less crowded. I gathered myself and then headed off to the public toilet to do my Superman routine, I headed in looking like any other person on a hot day in London and came out looking ready to clock some kilometres!

I set off in my new shoes (kindly given to me by Mizuno after I complained that my Wave Hitogami soles practically fell apart after 300km) and found a pleasant environment in which to run! The roads in this particular part of London are wide, well paved and able to comfortable fit all manner of pedestrians: cyclists, Mums with strollers and groups of teenagers milling around on a hot Saturday afternoon. The first three kilometres of the run were on road but I noticed that the river Thames was running next to me for the majority of the route so I began looking for a way to dip onto the Thames path and the Barnes Trail, eventually I found a little dirt path leading down to the trail and found that the trail is a mixture of wonderful hard pack dirt and gravel! Running in the Wave Rider was a revelation too – usually around 8km I tend to start feeling a little bit of pain in my feet which usually numbs out by 14km allowing me to run on without noticing. However, by 8km in the Wave Riders I felt really comfortable – the extra cushioning from toe to heel really does makes a difference and, combined with the Injinji lightweight sock, I had an a awesome easy and steady paced run along the river!

When I got back to Gabrielle my mood had improved significantly having found such a great place to run – I suggested that when we get bored of running the same routes around our respective home towns we should head out to various sections of the Thames path because the views are great and the feeling underfoot is awesome. With this agreed upon the Fair came to an end so we packed up and headed home to hit the curry house and pub with our friends!

It’s amazing how much a good run can change the underlying feeling of an entire day and it’s also amazing how grumpy I can get when I don’t get a run in! With that dear reader, I’m away for the day. Happy weekend y’all!

Peace Out x

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