Friday 11th July 2014

Workout Soundtrack: –

8km 31:08 (Grim Reaper 40, session 2) (5km tempo + 3km wave tempo)

The plan was to run with Gabs this evening but that didn’t quite work out! She set off with about a 4 minute lead and I planned to catch up with her around the 2km mark – unfortunately we got our route planning wires crossed and she turned at the 1.1km mark to do road laps whereas I went on to run the 8km route I had in mind.

For the first 3 klicks I was running along keeping my eye out for Gabs and worrying that something might have happened to her, by the time I got to the 4km marker I decided to turn and cut back to look for her on some of her favourite sections to run in my neighbourhood. I had not an inkling of how fast I was running at this point and was pleasantly surprised when my watch beeped through the 5 klick point showing 19:04 – not bad considering I was feeling pretty effortless at this point. I decided to reign it in for 500m and decide on my next move when it came to my mind that I might do a wave tempo so I picked it back up to tempo pace and ran than hard for a kilometre or so before reigning it back again for 500m and repeating this process until I hit the 8km mark! It was at the 6.8km mark that I finally found Gabrielle – she could see I was focused on something so signaled for me to carry on and meet her back at my house.

Considering my mind wasn’t in the run from pretty much the get go it turned out to be my second fasted 8km of the year and only a few seconds off my PR that I set on Sunday at the Bushey 10k Road Race! I think if I hadn’t decided to slow it up at the 5 klick mark I would have easily finished the distance well under my 30:59 PR but I’m still really, really pleased with the workout. You may also be pleased to hear that Gabs had a pretty good run herself without me to distract her by chatting or by tiring her out too quickly aiming to pull her through her 5km PR!

Tomorrow I might be heading down to Barnes in South London to run along the Thames. I’m quite looking forward to it as I love running in new environments – here’s hoping the rain and thunder storms hold off or, at least, they aren’t too heavy! Happy Friday y’all 😀

Peace & Blessings x


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