Thursday 10th July 2014

Workout Soundtrack: Rob Zombie – ‘The Sinister Urge’

5km 18:51 (Grim Reaper 40, session 1a, Year’s Best)

1 minute rest

3km 12:22 (Grim Reaper 40, session 1b, warm down)

I have no idea where this run came from. I woke up this morning after a very good sleep but I still felt tired – the sleep monster has been trailing me since Monday after a pretty late night waiting for Gabrielle to return to England from Paris on a disrupted EuroStar service! Damn you EuroStar!!

I struggled through my day at work knowing that once I got to the end of it I would likely find my new pair of Adidas Adios Boost waiting for me – I’ve been looking forward to them arriving since I picked them up for a bargain basement price on eBay on Monday! Added to this was the knowledge that I have a three day weekend, no work for me on Friday, Saturday or Sunday so I can run happy all weekend. I plan to run solo, run with Gabs, sleep deeply, nap frequently and follow the Hardrock 100 on Twitter.

But back to the here and now! I got home from work and unsurprisingly there were my new shoes just waiting to be taken out for a road test. I thought holding them and then putting them on would boost my energy level but I honestly just felt drained and lethargic as I stepped out the door to take them on a test run! This feeling evaporated within 100 metres! The shoes are a dream. I cannot remember a time when the start of a run has felt so effortless – I have read a few reviews where runners have felt the same but I am always sceptical of the opinions of others when it comes to running shoes because the ride is different for everybody. Just like my feelings of tiredness and lethargy evaporated, so did my scepticism.

I held my pace pretty easily for the entire 5 klick effort, I was feeling pleased with myself when I reached a section of the run that requires quite a steep hill climb so I decided to hit it hard as I would if I were doing a hill session – I kept up the pace for the length of the hill (around 200m) and then continued along for a short distance before dropping down the other side. I decided as I rounded into the downhill that I might as well smash the descent too as within 20 metres of getting to the bottom I would be rounding into the final hill of the run – an even steeper 250m (or therabouts) effort! So, a small Kenyan Hills session ensued between 4.1km and 4.8km. I consciously decided to take this hill route, at 4km I could have turned right onto a flat and fast section and I might have even been able to lower my year’s best even more if I’d done so!

I was listening to Rob Zombie on the run and I find this particular album helps me to keep up the pace when I’m not feeling particularly up for running, today I don’t think I would have needed the music but as it would have involved slowing to turn it off I left it on and I feel it enhanced the experience. I was literally grinning as I rounded the corner to pick it up during the last klick of my warm down (4:10, 4:30, 3:40) – this was due to the fact my legs felt great on the pick up and one of my favourite songs to run fast to had just started:

So, to conclude today’s post: an unexpected fantastic run, the Adios Boost are a revelation and Rob Zombie is great to run to!

Hope you’ve all had a great day either at work, at play, on the roads or on the trails. Until the ‘morrow dear reader, adieu 🙂

Peace & Blessings

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