Friday 4th July 2014

Workout Soundtrack: –

6km  27:25 (Bushey 10km, session 10a)

30 second break

1.25km  6:32 (Bushey 10km, session 10b)

I am not entirely sure what happened last night once the lights went out and I fell asleep! I say this because when I woke up at 0440hrs I was wide awake and ready to face the day – I could have stayed in bed until 0500hrs and Gabs would still have made her train to London for her connection to Paris. Anyway, after some coffee and an Anzac biscuit or two we said farewell and off she went at 0530hrs. From this point I could have napped a little until 0630hrs and then left for work but for one reason or another I just decided to crack on.

My working day was absolutely fine until I started to bonk at around 1445hrs. It was a pretty busy shift but very innocuous as they go –  a little bit of client interaction and a lot of paperwork! By the time my shift ended at 1600hrs I just wanted to sleep but I knew I needed to battle through. By the time I got home I felt much more awake and a run felt like a good idea. It was not.

I felt alright for the first two klicks but afterwards I was feeling lethargic, hungry and for some reason I felt pretty grumpy – odd considering I was running on my local trail loop, in the sunshine and with a cool breeze for company. Clearly, tiredness and hunger do not mix well with me on the run! With each passing kilometre I just wanted to give up and go home but I carried on doing three klicks clockwise, three klicks counter-clockwise and then somehow I managed to find the will to do a very slow, achy 1.25km warm down. I’m sitting here now feeling thankful that all I need to do tonight is have a beer with my Dad, eat some food and sleep!

With that my dear reader I will bid you happy Friday! A rest day for me tomorrow, the most strenuous thing on the cards is picking up Sunday’s race pack at midday. Sounds great to me right now!

Peace & Blessings x

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