Tuesday 1st July 2014

Workout Soundtrack: –

1km 3:25 (Bushey 10km, session 8a, tempo)

1 minute rest

8km 34:20 (Bushey 10km, session 8b, steady)

300m fast walking break

1km 3:30 (Bushey 10km, session 8c, tempo)

2 minute rest

2km 9:29 (Bushey 10km, session 8d, easy)

Today’s run wasn’t exactly the interval session I had planned! I ran my first interval bordering on threshold pace, took a rest and then set off again at tempo pace only to find within 100 metres I was joined by a rather wonderful canine companion. I don’t normally get chased by dogs on my runs and when I do I usually stop so their owners can recall them, this time though I slowed my pace a little and changed direction to run the little thing back to his owners – as I approached them I was smiling broadly and really enjoying the company on my new friend, Henry. He went over to his owners who thanked me and then I decided I would just carry on and log some easier miles after yesterday’s tempo and progression intervals.

About a minute later I felt a presence at my heels and dropped my eyes to find the Henry had rejoined me on the run, I laughed and carried on, signalling to his owners that I would do another lap of the field trail and bring him back around! On our second approach he was taken under control by his owners who were laughing and smiling just as much as I was. It was a great feeling to be out on the run and having so much fun – especially considering I had been expecting to be doing a hard threshold/tempo interval session on the trail loop! I carried on, this time without Henry, and just admired the sky and the feel of the ground underfoot. Around four klicks in I decided to feel even more free and removed my running shirt which is something I have never really done – I did the rest of the session with no shirt and it felt so great to have the sun and wind on my skin, I think I’ll take advantage of my handheld and waist pouch on longer runs and take the opportunity to run with no shirt more often!

After the fifth kilometre a lady walking her dog called out to me and said “I’ve seen you in MyBusheyNews – keep on running!” This was my first bit of public recognition after putting myself out there and it broadened my smile and quickened my pace! I replied with something along the lines of ‘Yup, that was me, thanks!’ and then carried on my merry way. Compared to yesterday’s solo, hard effort today felt easy and sociable and it made me think how nice it would be to have somebody to run these kinds of sessions with when Gabs isn’t around – so, if anybody out there in my local area is reading this would like to join me on a few easier training runs in the future just give me a shout!

There’s not much I can really add to my workout summation today dear reader so I’m going to wrap up this positive post and bid thee adieu! Tomorrow is a rest day so I’ll post again on Thursday 🙂

Peace & Blessings x

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