Sunday 29th June 2014

Workout Soundtrack: Slam Radio Podcast – ‘DJ Sneak – #88′

8km 33:05 (Bushey 10km, session 6a)

30 second rest

1km 5:11 (Bushey 10km session 6b)

*This post was written on June 30th*

I woke up for my Early shift and my legs felt fresh and ready to get on the move! Unfortunately as we have no shower at work I knew that this wasn’t going to happen until much later in the day – I curse the fact I can’t switch around my training runs as I would definitely run to work before most shifts if I had the chance. I may test out the theory soon once I’ve purchased a larger pack (the one I intend to use for MDS next year) because I’ll be able to fit in a towel and other items to clean up on arrival – my Salomon SLab 12 isn’t really built for that kind of job!

I must say I really am not a fan of running through the busy parts of North London – Kings Cross, Euston, Russell Square, Holborn/Grays Inn Road. I’ve noticed that the morning after runs in these areas I have a nasty cough and I always have to blow my nose a lot straight after the run. It’s a shame that unless I’m doing a long run this is my run commute route! It was no different today, I thought that running on a Sunday might mean less traffic and maybe less people but, alas, it was just like running on a Tuesday or a Friday. That is to say busy. And hazardous. And uninspiring. And not very fast. I’m thankful to be able to report that my runs will be going longer after next weekend though as I’m currently training for the Bushey 10km which happens on Sunday 6th July – after that training will be focused more around ultra endurance and distance with speed work in the mix too. This will mean I can take the more scenic routes out of London and, as I mentioned previously, I’ll be able to carry more gear with me to make the post-run experience a little more bearable should I need to get a slower train home that I might do at the end of my run.

This run also made me realise that I need to admit defeat when it comes to my Mizuno Wave Hitogami – I’m going to have to keep this for speed work, up to 8km road runs and road racing (I still intend to run Frankfurt in them). With the training mileage I’m putting in right now they just do not offer enough protection over the course of a typical road running week so I’m looking at something with a little more cushioning from ASICS at the moment – not sure which model I’ll be kitting out with as yet but rest assured dear reader, you’ll be among the first to know!

Finally, before signing off I’d just like to send out a HUGE congratulations to Gabs for finishing 12th overall and 2nd female in her first 5km trail race. What an amazing achievement! She originally went out with the intention of setting a new PR over the distance but instead came away with a massive confidence boosting result – no PR but a great race ran with determination, strategy and skill!

Peace & Blessings x

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