Thursday 26th June 2014

Workout Soundtrack: –

6km 25:37 (Bushey 10km, session 5a)

five minute rest & stretch

1km 4:35 (Bushey 10km, session 5b, warm down)

This is going to be a short post today dear reader as I’ve got a lot I need to be getting on with tonight so I can get to sleep at a decent hour!

After waking at 0500hrs to ready myself for an Early shift after two days off I didn’t really feel alive until about 0830hrs! All day I’ve been wanting to get out onto the road so I could get home, relax and sleep a bit. This is why I ended up doing a 6km instead of my planned 12km run after work – a rare cop out from me but once I got moving I did feel quite slow and lethargic with my legs not really wanting to put the work in for some reason – that said, I still ran the whole way with a smile! I’ll be listening to my body and taking a rest day tomorrow instead of running 12km after work tomorrow to make up for today’s effort!

I’m hoping that by Saturday afternoon I’ll be ready for a fairly fast paced 12km which will probably be my longest run until I race the Bushey 10km on Sunday July 6th!

In other news, I had some great news from my Marathon des Sables sponsorship/support request e-mails and letters today…so right here I’ll thank ASICS for adding me to their Key Consumers Programme which is aimed at ‘athletes with great potential’, I’d also like to thank Lyon Equipment and Petzl for supplying at MYO RXP headtorch and thanks to Avalanche Sports Marketing and Compressport for supporting my 2014 training and races! Check out my Sponsors & Supporters page in the coming weeks to find out who is helping me live my dreams!

Until the next run, I bid thee adieu dear reader!

Peace & Blessings x

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